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பிரின்ஸ் பிலிப் ஒரு பென்ஸ்: 16 ech je bohatch ne britsk krlovna, kter byla 16krt bohat ne princ Philip.  Cato Brita Stoj Krovsk Rodina v Pebot Ani Ne 20 Koron Ron

பிரின்ஸ் பிலிப் ஒரு பென்ஸ்: 16 ech je bohatch ne britsk krlovna, kter byla 16krt bohat ne princ Philip. Cato Brita Stoj Krovsk Rodina v Pebot Ani Ne 20 Koron Ron

When Prince Philip spoke of finance, he did not completely win the hearts of the public. For example, in 1969, he starred on NBC television Meet the press Faced with the era of the British press at the time, n Glovesk represents $ 1.1 million in family expenses. (Today, due to the growth of such an amount, such a response is $ 7.9 million, which is about 171 million crowns.), Queen Alpha II, had to sell her name to the boat. At the time, the British public was not so sure of the prince’s view that the boat sale would explain the real funds.

In 1981, twelve years after the island’s economy went through a difficult period, Prince did not score for the British. First, he wanted us to buy more free time, and Philip wondered if he had added more nonsense, but you still know they are unemployed.

However, the royal family was ultimately not such an expensive affair for the British. In 2018, the British tax levy increased the activity of the Krovsk family to 65 pence, which is 19.40 crowns per person at the current exchange rate.

Members of the British Royal Family are paid from British public budgets and private sources. The assets you own, especially real estate, have been owned by generations of family members for generations. Queen Alpha II., As well as her dead and common descendants are paid from three sources. Within the framework of general budgets, this is called a sovereign grant. Private funds are provided by the Duchy of Cornwall and the Duchy of Lancaster.

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Prolonged in 2012, with the change of sovereign grant, the costs associated with the Queen’s Palace of officials and thus the rumors of weapons and thumbs accused by the Royal Family. Sovereignty is administered by the British government ron bzi. This grant provides financial income from the property of the crown, i.e. mainly from the comprehensive portfolio of real estate and farms. These assets generate revenue of hundreds of millions of pounds. Technically, although the crown property does not belong to the ruling ruler or queen, in practice the bag is not his and her personal property. We do not sell it or directly deduct the proceeds from it. The property is managed by an independent board of directors.

For example, in fiscal years 2018 and 2019, the amount of the sovereign grant is .2 82.2 million, which is about 2.5 billion crowns at the current rate. In a given fiscal year, a substantial amount of this amount, at the exchange rate according to the current exchange rate, was nearly a billion crowns to renew the Buckingham thumb. The remaining funds of about 1.5 billion crowns, for example, the travel skills of the royal family or the salaries of court staff.

Finan income, which is not really the queen, includes private sites. Entering the Duchy of Lancaster, i.e. a collection of real estate, land and other property. For example, in 2018, the input at Peppet reached about 600 million crowns. Krovna Alpha II. Until recently he died, so there is extra data on the card of this entry, on top of which he mentions it. From this source the Queen connected the talents of her children Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anna with the official representative royal family around the world.

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Prince Charles is plundered from another treasury, i.e. from the Duchy of Cornwall. His marriages and the marriages of his wife, Camille Parker Poulso, accounted for 90 percent of this treasury. From these sources the prince includes his children and their wives, namely Prince William and Kate Middleton and, in the first Wenceslas Quarters, Prince Harry and Megan Markleov. In fiscal years 2019 and 2020, the contribution of the Cornish treasury to Pebot was about 660 million crowns. In a given year, Prince Charles and his wife and children received approximately 60 million crowns from the sovereign grant.

Property of Queen Alpti II. By 2020 it will have dropped from 600 million crowns to 10.5 billion crowns. By the way, if we start with the Czech mutations of Forbes magazine, on the whole they are even richer, by 2020 they were richer than the British Queen. The richest of them, Peter Kelner, would have been seventeen of them if he had not died miserably if he had missed MS. Pavel Paka, owner Companies Wafo Braha, who produces dog and cocoa food under the symbols of corneola and brit, is as rich as the later British queen.

According to estimates, the property of Prince Philip is about 650 million crowns, so it is about 16 km larger than the Queen’s property.

Luke Govanda, Ph.D.

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Chief Economist, Trinity Bank

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