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✔️ Download it in seconds.. Learn how to download the new GTA 7 game 2022 GTA on phones and PC

GTA 7 This game has been popular since the eighties and has continued until now, but this game was known as a PlayStation game and a computer game, and it has been developed these days to become one of the distinguished games that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices, and this game is famous for its realistic appearance that reveals the truth.


The events of this exciting game start with you doing many things that happen in real life, you can steal cars and money, buy a lot of clothes, this is what makes the game so realistic, and this is because of the high fees. The game, and there are many adventures in the game that distinguish it from others, and the events of this game take place in the city of Vice City, using the character of Tommy, who moves within the game to perform all the tasks of the player.

How to download GTA 7 game

Many people think that downloading this game on mobile is difficult, but we will mention the correct way that takes no more than minutes to download the game on the phone through the following:

  • You must open the Google Play Store if you are using an Android phone.
  • If you are using an iPhone, go to the Apple Store.
  • You have to click on the search word at the top of the page.
  • Enter the name of the game and click on the word search.
  • We will show you the original game, all you have to do is click on the word download.
  • Wait for a while for the game to be installed on your phone.
  • Open the game through your personal Facebook account.
  • The game will be ready to start a new adventure shortly.
  • Now you can use and enjoy the game.
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Features of GTA 7 mobile game

When you download the game on your phone, you get many advantages, which make you prefer the game over others, and the most important of these features are:

  • There are a lot of weapons in this version.
  • It is distinguished by various means of transportation, and is considered one of its most prominent grades.
  • It has realistic effects that make you feel like you are in the real world.
  • The game can be downloaded to the phone for free.
  • The game is a lightweight game that is suitable for many devices.
  • The game on the phone is free of all sound problems.