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✔️ How to download Gta 5 for Android and iPhone Grand Theft Auto V latest update 2022

Gta 5 or Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most famous GTA video game series. This version of the game was released in 2013 to become one of the most popular and popular versions of the game. The company that is responsible for the game Grand Theft Auto developed this version in 2013 to be compatible with Xbox 360 and PlayStation PS3, then the company launched in 2015 the version of the game suitable for PC and Microsoft Windows and it is now also available for mobile. Android and IOS phones and even devices that do not support Google services such as Huawei phones, and we are now reviewing the most important specifications of the game and how to download it on all smartphones.

Hardware Specifications Required for Download Grand Theft Auto V:

Grand Theft Auto V

Gta 5 is one of the massive games with high specifications and high graphics released for the seventh generation of video game platforms. And therefore; The game needs high hardware specifications that you download and use to play.

As mentioned earlier, the game has versions suitable for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and it is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As for the specifications of the computers, they are as follows:

  • At least 5 GB of free storage space.
  • At least 6 GB of RAM.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 10, preferably Windows 10 or higher to avoid errors.
  • Intel Core i5 processor.
  • NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD HD 2GB graphics card.
  • The sound card is suitable for DirectX 10.
Grand Theft Auto V
Download Grand Theft Auto V

Mobile phones need simpler and fewer specifications to run the game. Free storage space of at least 3 GB; As the game application space on the phone is about 2.1 GB. Gta 5 game needs Android version 7 or above, Apple IOS version 8 or above and Mac OS version 11.0.

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Download Gta 5 on different phones:

Download GTA 5
Download GTA 5

Gta 5 can be installed on phones very easily. All you have to do is open Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iPhone, and in the search box, type Gta V to view the list of Gta 5 game in different cities. Choose the part you want to install and then pay for the game; It is not free and the installation will start and complete within a few minutes.

For devices that do not support Google Play such as Huawei devices, you can download the game by searching for it through the Internet browser and then completing the same previous steps.

Downloading the game requires a strong internet connection, so it is recommended to download it while connected to WiFi and not mobile data.