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04/27/2021 Universities are the most successful in patenting

04/27/2021 Universities are the most successful in patenting

April 27, 2021

Universities are the most successful in registering patents

In 2020, a total of 7,470 patents were granted or validated by Czech and foreign entities by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic (IPO CR). Foreign applicants held 93% of them, and the remaining 7% belonged to Czech entities, that is, 525 patents.

Among the foreign applicants, entities from Germany have long dominated, with 1,838 patents validated or granted in 2020. The United States of America ranked second with 1,304 patents. Among the Czech applicants who were patented by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic, companies have long dominated. Last year, they obtained half of all patents granted to Czech applicants. This is followed by public universities that have obtained less than a third of the domestic patents and about one-tenth of the patents belong equally to public research institutions and natural persons. “Among the patents granted to companies, two-thirds of the patents granted were to domestic companies. Then the remaining third was the property of foreign companies.”Caryl Elias of Statistics Department says about CZSO’s R&D and Information Society.

In 2020, local entities filed a total of 670 new inventions or technical solutions to patent procedures, and in the same year, a total of 525 patents were granted to Czech entities. The average time from filing an application to granting a patent is about 5 years and at the same time a patent is not granted to all applicants. The success rate is around 45%. In the long run, the highest success rates are shown by public universities and public research institutions, ranging between 75-80%. Firms have nearly half the success and are awarding the fewest patents from applications filed to individuals, less than a third.

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Although the total number of patent applications has decreased by nearly a hundred years year on year, in the case of this field Health and fun There was an increase of 34 applications between 2019 and 2020. This was the case last year
82 patent applications in this field were filed by applicants from the Czech Republic. “If we take a closer look at patents in healthcare, we find that, for example, in the subcategory, which includes devices for sterilizing materials and things, or disinfecting or sterilizing the air and deodorizing unpleasant odors, the number of patent applications increased from 4 to 14 years after Year “. He points to Eva Meskova Scarlandtova, Head of Statistics at CZSO on R&D and the Information Society.

In 2019, more than 181,000 patent applications were filed with the European Patent Office (EPO), of which more than 66,000 were applicants from the European Union. Only 199 patent applications were received from Czech entities. European applicants dominate the European Patent Office, those from Germany with 26,816 patent applications, with a large share also belonging to France (10231) and the Netherlands (6953). By far, most patent applications were filed with the European Patent Office in 2019 by entities from the United States of America (46128).

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