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10/07/2021 Foreign Trade of Goods - August 2021: August's trade balance ended with a deficit

10/07/2021 Foreign Trade of Goods – August 2021: August’s trade balance ended with a deficit

Total foreign trade balance1) I am sorry2) Have been adversely affected Mainly a decrease in the trade surplus in automobiles by 10.4 billion Kelvin year on year, and accordingly, the trade deficit in oil and natural gas widened by 8.9 billion K, in base metals by 6.7 billion K, and in e-commerce and optical devices and equipment by 3.8 billion K materials and chemical preparations by 2.6 billion Kelvin. The trade balance in electrical equipment deteriorated by 2.8 billion K as a transfer from assets to liabilities.

Positive effect The total balance is mainly due to a balance surplus of mineral products by 2.1 billion K, and goods from the electricity, gas and electricity group by 1.1 billion Kelvin.

meziron Outgrew vvoz By 8.2% to 277.5 billion K import About 22.7% to 305.5 billion. NS. August 2021 has one more business day than August 2020.

Fifth January and August 2021 The trade balance surplus was 44.8 billion Kelvin, which represented a mezzanine decrease of 22.1 billion Kelvin since the end of the year, mezzanine imports increased by 20.0% and imports by 21.7%.

Mezimsn se seznnm oitn snil vvoz 5.7% to import by 1.5%. The development trend shows a decrease in imports (by 0.4%) and imports (by 0.2%).

foreign trade balance with stty European Union 273) It ended in August with a surplus of 36.8 billion Kelvin, which was a mezzanine of 3.5 billion KN. The largest decline in assets was recorded in trade with the Netherlands by 1.4 billion Kelvin and Belgium by 1.3 billion Kelvin. On the other hand, the positive balance with Austria improved by 1.3 billion K.

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In August, form under transport to stt eurozny On the total exports of the Czech Republic 64.0%, according to imports from the eurozone to the Czech Republic were 46.0%. Meziron imports into the euro area increased by 9.2% (15.0 billion K) to 177.6 billion K, and imports from the Eurozone increased 14.1% (17.3 billion K) to 140.4 billion K in August 2021, Meziron strengthened against the euro. With an average of 2.7%.

The foreign trade deficit with the non-EU-27 countries increased by 31.7 billion korunchas to 63.1 billion koanches, with the trade deficit mainly increasing by 8.9 billion korunchas, Japan 2.7 billion korunchas, and the Republic of Korea 2.5 billion korunas. Trade balance with the Russian Federation It deteriorated by 6.8 billion K as a transfer from assets to liabilities.

Metodick poznmka:

Since 2020, the Czech Republic’s foreign trade concept has provided data based on changes in ownership between residents and non-residents (the two so-called national concepts of foreign trade). The Peshranin concept of foreign trade is introduced under the term cross-border movement of goods.

more information:

Foreign Trade Balance (Balance) It is the difference between importing from the Czech Republic and importing into the Czech Republic.
Foreign trade in merchandise vypovd o vvozn a Import performance of the Czech Republic, i.e. the trade balance of foreign trade of the Czech economy. It monitors the actual trade in goods between Czech and foreign entities, i.e. the change of ownership between residents and non-residents.
European Union 27 – From November 1, 2020 nen Spojen krlovstv lazy European Union.

give to comp With the obligation to report data that was not available, sent to the warehouse that was sent and received in the previous period. data about comp Without reporting the liability is estimated according to the data in the VAT return. Value-added tax data that was not available is evaluated on the basis of values ​​in previous periods.

The data for the individual months of 2021 is preliminary, the time period is final.
When data for the reference period is published, prior months are more accurate. All months with accurate and always published raw data for January, December and July. Final data is always published the following year.

Responsible Manager S: a job. Milo Kavnov, Director of the Department of Foreign Trade Statistics, tel. 274054176, e-mail: [email protected]
contact person: a job. Stanislav Konvika, Head of Trade Balance Department, tel. 274054254, email: [email protected]
Data sources: Vaccum Pro IntrastatSingle Administrative Documents (SAD), VAT Tax Return
Termn ukonen sbru that: Twenty working days after the end of the reference month
Follow the data set:
Quick info Termn zveejnn dal:
08 11. 2021