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10 Scientific Mistakes Or Even The Smartest Mistakes Sometimes -

10 Scientific Mistakes Or Even The Smartest Mistakes Sometimes –

Even the most simple creatures study the environment, but only the most advanced – man, it was he who got the farthest point in this direction. But looking for answers to questions is not only associated with successes and “facts”, but also with many errors.

But this is simply part of the scientific work, and sometimes a misunderstanding can allow the right person to be created. Most importantly is imagination, new ideas, opinions, and trends. While most of them may be on the verge of nonsense, one strange, unimaginable idea may be the right one.

The six-thousand-year-old Earth is the center of the universe

Earth is the center of the universe and all surrounding things revolve around it. That was the idea Geocentrism, Which later evolved from it HeliocentrismWhen the center of the universe was to change the sun. But as it turns out, the sun is not only in the middle, but rather a star, of which there are billions of them in the entire universe.

And so our ego was hit hard. The question now remains when will we officially affirm that we are not alone in the universe. Unfortunately, the evidence is the closest to a few light-years away.

As early as the seventeenth century, according to the Bible, the approximate age of the Earth was calculated. It was to be “created” in the year 4004 BC. Scientists’ estimates have ranged over millions of years in the past. According to the latest information from Radioactive Dating he is The age of the earth Almost 4.54 billion years. The results were also confirmed by examining meteorite and moon samples.