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10 thousand pounds .. Abramovich "unable to pay rent to the Queen"

10 thousand pounds .. Abramovich “unable to pay rent to the Queen”

The first of those misfortunes, was the freezing of all assets Roman AbramovichThursday, with the exception of the club which was allowed to continue its “football-related activities”, but the European champions cannot operate as an institution and have been banned from selling match tickets or merchandise.

as frozen British government Temporarily club accounts and credit cards Chelseaaccording to press reports, Friday

The second misfortune that Abramovich found himself stuck in, was his failure to sell the club, as Chelsea offered for sale last week, but the freezing of his assets in Britain and the sanctions imposed on him stopped this process, under the terms of the special license granted to the club, which has effectively become subject to the British government.

The last of those embarrassing situations he was exposed to Russian billionairewas the one that was talked about by a report by the newspaper “Daily Star”, which said that he was “unable to pay the rent of 10 thousand pounds.” for queen elizabeth“.

The newspaper pointed out that Abramovich must pay the queen the rent of 10,000 pounds, which he may owe for land.Crown EstateOn which he built his huge 15-room mansion, which is estimated to be worth 107 million pounds.

It is mentioned that the “Crown Estate”, or “real estate crown‘, is the body of land and property in the United Kingdom that belongs to the British monarch as a single entity, making it a “public domain of property”, which is neither government property nor part of the monarch’s private property.

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And the American newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal”, reported that the rent arrears put Abramovich at additional risk of losing other large assets on the territory of the United Kingdom..

The Abramovich property in London is within walking distance of Kensington PalaceInhabited by Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and their children.

Although the Russian billionaire is the owner of the palace, he probably owes the Queen £10,000 a year, under a 125-year lease, because the land belongs to the Crown Estate.

And the newspaper “Daily Star” reported that the amount will rise to 160 thousand pounds annually, at a later date.

Although Abramovich’s vast wealth had previously meant that rent was not a problem, the sanctions prevented accepting the money of the “oligarch”, a class of businessmen and wealthy people close to the ruling power, in this case referring to those close to Putin, a connection that Abramovich denies.

If the penalties remain in place and Abramovich cannot pay the Queen, the Crown Estate can sue him and confiscate the property.

It is noteworthy that Abramovich bought the London club in 2003 for an amount estimated at 140 million pounds (182.5 million dollars), and because of his investments, the club achieved unprecedented achievements throughout its history during this period, as it won the Premier League title 5 times, the English Cup 5 times and the Champions League twice.

It is noteworthy that the Blues are the European and world champions thanks to spending on players, and Abramovich has pumped more than 1.5 billion pounds ($ 2 billion) into Chelsea through loans he said he would not ask to repay.

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