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100 days off, Ron and his company made a billion. On vacation, think of the best ideas for me, Cendra

Founder and sole owner of CDN77 Zdenk Cendra. His company specializes in video content distribution.
The author & squf; HN Libor Fojtk

They are positive: revenue of SEK 2.4 billion and specific profit of SEK 1.1 billion. In the past year, Prask’s CDN77 pushed its financials to a new record, and founder and sole owner Zdenk Cendra insists: This game isn’t about how much money he makes, but how he’ll physically respect himself in his 70s.

jsme takov Zsilkovna for online content, Cendra describes the company he founded in 2011 and has built One of the largest infrastructure games on the World Wide Web.

CDN77 is an advanced technology for delivering Internet content to users. “These days, we have about three percent of the world’s data pennies. We are the ‘internet downstream’ and it will still be here 100 years later. Internet protocols are just being built and the applications are just on top of it.” CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, that is, for content delivery. In this case, it consists of 20,000 servers, located physically all over the world.

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