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Jiří Kejval

100 days to Tokyo! Kegfal hopes the games will symbolize the end of the epidemic

One hundred days before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, all the stadiums on the venue have been completed and in excellent condition. This is the best plan to prevent the spread of the Corona virus that the world is still suffering from despite the postponement of the Olympiad last year.

“The Olympiad should be the first major sporting event that shows us how to learn to live with the Coronavirus,” Jiří Kejval wastewater treatment plant head, who was almost 100% convinced that her actions were not in danger.

“I cannot imagine that there will be no Olympiad. Of course there could be an earthquake or landing on Mars, but other than that there is nothing stopping the Games.” The chairman added, who also noted that this year’s Olympiad will not be easy for athletes and will be more warfare requiring stringent measures that may ultimately be rewarded with a beautiful achievement in the form of a medal or great medal. calendar.

After that, coronavirus measures have drastically reduced the look of the traditional Czech house, where athletes are associated with the masses. “We planned it on a large scale, but that has changed. The Czech home will still be, but exclusively for Czech athletes. In the previous Olympics, they had the opportunity to go to town, have fun between races, and it wouldn’t work now, so we’d like to create a space where they can rest,” ” Kejval explains.

Currently, 44 Czech athletes already have the Tokyo Olympics. However, other qualifications are still in progress and hopefully the total number will increase. “So far, it looks like he might be on the expedition, either minus or plus one hundred athletes. Of course I would be happy if the number was over a hundred,” Says Sports Director of the Czech Olympic Committee Martin Doktor.

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Much will depend on the success of the Czech basketball players, who wait to qualify in Canada in July, but they certainly won’t be among the favorites here.

The press conference held 100 days before the Tokyo Olympics also covered the mood of Japan and its people. Recently, it was announced that more than 70% of people disapprove of the Olympiad.

However, both head of the Ji رئيسí Kejval wastewater treatment plant and Tokyo correspondent Naomi Adachi do not know much where the high numbers are coming from. “Frankly, I have not yet met anyone who would oppose the Olympics. Everyone is looking forward to it, and on the contrary, Japan as a country feels guilty for failing to host the Olympics last year,” Adachi concludes.

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