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100 بوستر فيلم.. "صراع الأبطال" العلم فى مواجهة التحديات

100 movie posters.. “Clash of Heroes” Science in the face of challenges

In 1962, Egyptian cinema was on a date with the movie “Sira` al-Atal”, starring Shukri Sarhan and Samira Ahmed, and directed by Tawfiq Saleh.

The film tells about a difficult period that Egypt went through in 1947, when cholera struck the villages of Egypt. Doctor (Shukri) was appointed in one of the villages, who tried to serve the people of the village to save them from poverty and hunger.

But there is a feudal lord in the village who exploits its people to work on his land with forced labor, and whoever objects he is handed over to a mental hospital by taking advantage of his influence.

But the doctor begins to confront the feudal lord and helps the population to claim their rights and heals them, which creates a friendship between him and them, and at the same time finding a conflict between him and the feudal lord, but also, between him and the local midwife Umm Hilal, who finds him a strong competitor to her who won the hearts of the peasants and almost cut off her livelihood.

At the same time, there are the English soldiers, who do not hesitate to throw their leftover food to the peasants, which causes the spread of a disease that begins to infect people, only to be discovered by the doctor later that it is cholera, which quickly becomes an epidemic.

When the doctor asks the inhabitants here to stop eating the food that is thrown at them, the peasants abandon their obedience to him, and before he finds out definitively that it is cholera, he proceeds to be sure of the matter and convince them to exhume a dead body and dissect the body to make sure that the disease is cholera.

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Here, instead of this conclusive evidence being a way to expose the doctor’s credibility and get the population to obey his instructions to survive this epidemic, the doctor becomes the enemy of society.