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10,000 steps a day is a myth: How much is enough to miss?

10,000 steps a day is a myth: How much is enough to miss?

On weekends, you have no problem with a 20-kilometer trip, but on weekdays you can count on only three. And it’s harder to indulge in more when you move around the house a few meters between the stove, the computer, and the cheery kids in the room. Don’t stress yet because you have to meet some limitations, and feel free to put the pedometer on the ice for a while.

Where did tens of thousands come from?

Recommended Ten thousand steps a day It’s definitely not an unhealthy goal, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t reach it far. This is just an outdated marketing ploy. When a Japanese company started selling step counters in the mid-1960s, it wanted to support the sale with a campaign and launched a call to walk 10,000 steps a day – it’s a great number and it looks good. Pedometers have now largely replaced mobile applications and smart watchBut the ten thousand limit remains.

Half an hour a day is enough for 7,500 steps

“Of course, if someone took 10,000 steps, that would be cool. But what is much less is enough to start,” reveals Professor Richard Schechka, President of the Czech Internal Medicine Association and co-founder of the Heart in the Head Project.

“Based on professional data, at least this is recommended 30 to 45 minutes of active movement 5 times a weekThe doctor explains. If you aim to conquer tens of thousands of targets, you will get away with them at a rapid pace in about an hour and a half. If you walk for the recommended 45 minutes a day, you’ll cover roughly half of it. This is already the limit that will trigger the metabolism and the cardiovascular system.

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According to a recent Harvard University study on older women 4400 steps per day are enoughTo reduce the risk of fatal diseases. The further they go, the better of course Above 7,500 steps per day, the desired effect on health is no longer increased.

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Walking moves the whole body, and blood stimulates the blood vessels as you clean your head thoroughly

What is the benefit of walking: for health and weight loss

You can walk anywhere and do not need any expensive aid. This is true so far, as fitness centers remain closed and outdoor sports facilities are limited. You can take a walk in the park or in the nature at any time.

A brisk walk is great for improving or maintaining health and fitness. Helps lose weightIt strengthens blood vessels and works Against osteoporosis. You can deal with it with weight gain or Sick heart You can simply adapt the load according to your capabilities. “By getting regular exercise, your cardiovascular system will function better, blood vessel function will improve, and you will have a good chance to live a longer life with better quality,” adds Richard Shishka.

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The smartwatch or fitness bracelet will help you get motivated and increase performance

Back pain when walking? Just hurry up!

You want to walk more, but a few meters away you are My knee hurts Or back? Then you might be wrong. “Back pain when walking should not be a muscle pain, as if you were lifting dumbbells, but rather the pain of the supportive tissues from which you are exhausted,” says physiotherapist Krishtof Koppa of the Certified McKinsey Clinic.

Back diseases Surprisingly it arises most often when walking slowly when walking slowly. In this condition, the body weight drops more easily on the tendons rather than the muscles, and it does not keep the body erect. This is why it is better to walk faster, roughly at a pace that you can speak without breathing, ”says Krishtof Kuba. Instead of wandering around town around shop windows, you should aim for a quick step into nature, the jungle roof is more fun to arch the footing than concrete in town. Think about it, too High quality shoesThat fits the leg well and provides it with the necessary support.

Do not hold or move your hands

Also, make sure that you do not itch while walking and that your knees do not fall together. You should step on your heels. The physiotherapist advises, “When walking, if position permits, you can also circle your arms and move your shoulder joints.” If you walk properly, it will break down other musculoskeletal pains as well.