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11 calculator is much better than the basic ones in Windows - Živě.cz

11 calculator is much better than the basic ones in Windows – Živě.cz

Google: always-on calculator available

If you have a web browser running and need a quick calculation, you don’t need to call any other app. Just open Google and enter an example. If you set Google as your default search engine, just type the formula in the address bar. It’s cool that it also works in cell phones (smart speakers …) and in combination with voice recognition, so just give an example.

Google Calculator

If Google realizes this is a mathematical entry (and it must be admitted that it’s relatively fine in that respect – it also accepts the “x” as a multiplication, you can type “plus”, etc. in place of the + sign). Then the Web Calculator displays primarily clear results. In addition to the formula, it can also be called by searching for the word “calculator”.

Google Calculator correctly calculates the priorities of operations and can work with parentheses. Basic equipment includes calculations of percentages, powers and roots, and logarithmic or exponential functions. There is also a history of the calculations made.


  • Easy calling
  • Available jobs


  • It does not deviate favorably from the line