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11 medals for the UAE bikes in the Arab championship

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Emirati cyclist Youssef Mirza won the silver medal in the individual time trial for a distance of 38 km in the first Arab Combined Cycling Championship, which runs until November 26.

Only 39 days after his shoulder surgery and the installation of a stent after being injured in an international championship in the Czech Republic, the UAE mission completed the fourth day of the championship by achieving gold and silver in an individual clock race for people of determination, bringing the number of medals to 11 colored medals.

The People of Determination team started the fourth day of the Arab Championship by winning the first and second places in the general individual race for a distance of 45 km. .


The head of the mission and vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cycling Federation, Khalifa bin Omair, praised the great effort and level provided by Youssef Mirza, and the great speed rate that he maintained throughout the race at an average of 47.1 km per hour, despite the short preparation period after his injury and the installation of a shoulder brace, and thanked the head of the mission Youssef Mirza for the great effort he made in the tournament.

Bin Omair also praised the level of People of Determination and what was achieved during their presence in the championship, as they won first and second places in the team and individual time trials, adding to the Emirati mission four colored medals, two gold and two silver.

Bin Omair stressed that the efforts of the players appeared significantly during the race, as they were keen on training, which appeared with a large difference from the middle of the race almost to the finish line, and pointed out that the spirit that unites the riders in the Arab Championship in Egypt heralds a greater future and more achievements in the future.

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