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11 years of failure and anger .. Is the Paris Saint-Germain project over?

11 years of failure and anger .. Is the Paris Saint-Germain project over?

The fans of the Paris club insulted the two stars, Neymar and Lionel Messi, among other players, in an expression of their anger at the failure of the European team.

PSG project

Since the Qatar Investment Authority’s acquisition of the Parisian club in the summer of 2011, the team has pursued big dreams, and set a clear goal, which is to reach the top of the European clubs’ pyramid and lift the Champions League trophy.

But 11 years after the start of the “big Paris Saint-Germain project”, it seems that things did not go the way that the administration had planned.

The dream of the Champions League evaporated several times, and the French club came close to achieving the title only once, in 2020, when it reached the final, but it lost the most important match in its history.

As for the rest of the European versions, the team suffered successive defeats from the top Europeans, sometimes in the early elimination rounds, and sometimes in more advanced roles.

The defeat came from the “less powerful” version of Real Madrid, a few days ago, in the Champions League, and exit from the tournament, to raise the alarm that the great Parisian project is nearing the end, or has already ended.

And within 11 seasons, these were the results of European Paris Saint-Germain:

2011/2012: Elimination of the group stage in the “European League”

2012/2013: Elimination of the Champions League quarter-finals by Barcelona.

2013/2014: Elimination of the Champions League quarter-finals by Chelsea.

2014/2015: The Champions League quarter-final exit at the hands of Barcelona.

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2015/2016: Elimination of the Champions League quarter-finals by Manchester City.

2016/2017: Elimination of the round of 16 of the European Champions League by Barcelona.

2017/2018: Elimination of the Champions League round of 16 by Real Madrid.

2018/2019: Elimination of the Champions League round of 16 by Manchester United.

2019/2020: Champions League final loss to Bayern Munich.

2020/2021: Champions League semi-final exit at the hands of Manchester City.

2021/2022: Elimination of the Champions League round of 16 by Real Madrid.

defeatist personality

Although the team has one of the biggest stars in the world, it doesn’t have something very important in the world of football, which is a winning mentality.

The Paris club recorded a historical “defeatist mentality”, and neglected important matches in a strange way, in which it entered history, but negatively, most notably “Remontada”. Barcelonawhen Saint-Germain won 4-0 in the first leg, then lost 6-1 in the second leg, where 3 of Barcelona’s goals came in the last minutes of the meeting.

The famous Barcelona match went down in history and stunned the world, and showed the weakness of Saint-Germain’s character.

Then in 2019, he won Paris Saint-Germain With a score of 2-0 at Manchester United, and started on his way to qualifying for the quarter-finals, to return to the “shaky” Man United and achieve a 3-1 victory in Paris, eliminating the French champion.

And now his defeat against Real Madrid came to reinforce this idea. After he won 1-0 in Paris, Saint-Germain advanced with a goal in the second leg, before collapsing completely and witnessing 3 goals within 11 minutes, by Karim Benzema, to bid farewell to the competitions again.

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stars don’t match

Saint-Germain achieved the highest deal in football history, when he signed with Brazilian Neymar, in 2017, for 222 million euros, and then signed with France’s first talent, Kylian Mbappe, a year later, for 180 million euros.

During the period of the Paris project, the club spent nearly a billion dollars, distributed among luminous stars, from the most powerful clubs in the world, and also signed “for free” with the giants of the game with fantastic salaries, such as the Argentine Lionel Messi.

But the large number of stars “spoiled” the party, and made the team live in a heterogeneous system, not providing the required results, and clashing on more than one occasion.

This “unhealthy” atmosphere prompted German Thomas Tuchel, the best coach this year, to leave and go to Chelsea, where he succeeded in achieving the Champions League in his first season.

The solution was to sign coaches subject to the dominance of the stars and their “big” personalities, such as Argentine coach Maurizio Pochettino, who did not achieve the desired results.

As for the great hope for Paris, which is the star Kylian Mbappe, he is on the cusp of leaving for Real Madrid, as he expressed a public desire to leave, which will keep the Parisian club with stars who crossed the stage of tender, namely Neymar, Messi and Di Maria, and other stars who are not from the “super star” slate, such as Danilo, Gayet and Paredes.

The Paris Saint-Germain fans’ association called on Saturday for a “radical” change, including team CEO Nasser Al-Khelaifi, sporting director Leonardo, and coach Pochettino.

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And she was not satisfied with that, but insulted Neymar and Messi during the team’s match against Bordeaux, on Sunday, expressing her anger at the great project, which may be “completely finished.”