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114 migrants rescued on French coast in English Channel

In the past two days, French authorities have intervened three times to rescue 114 migrants who were on three different boats and faced difficulties traveling while trying to immigrate to the United Kingdom.

On Monday, French authorities rescued 49 migrants from a small boat trying to cross the English Channel into the United Kingdom.

Northern Province and the English Channel reported that all the migrants had been rescued and transferred to the port of Calais.

A day earlier, a French navy ship had gone off the coast of Calais to rescue 25 people. she said, In a statementTwo of them suffered from severe hypothermia. And the French Navy should provide them with health care on a boat, officials indicated in a statement.

According to information received Local “Voice of the North” websiteThere were women and children in this boat.

Crossing the English Channel involves many risks, including strong currents and low water temperatures, strong winds and a major traffic jam for merchant ships.

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The same day, a few hours later, the CROSS Regional Operations Center for Maritime Surveillance and Rescue (CROSS) sent alerts of the presence of a boat carrying 40 migrants and encountering difficulties in sailing, so the French Navy launched a rescue operation. operation and transported everyone to the port of Calais.

According to local media, among the survivors was a 22-year-old pregnant woman suffering from hypothermia.

Despite the UK’s tough policy and insistence on implementing its plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, attempts to migrate to the UK from the shores of northern France continue.

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During the summit between the French President and the British Prime Minister, the latter announced that he would give France 541 million euros over three years. According to Le Monde newspaperStrengthening patrols along the French coast and deploying drones, with the aim of establishing a migrant detention center and a joint command center in the country’s north, adding an additional 500 French officers.