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120 شخصًا يقضون ليلة كاملة داخل السينما بسبب عاصفة ثلجية.. اعرف عملوا إيه؟

120 people spend a whole night inside the cinema because of a snow storm… Know what they did?

besieged Blizzard In northern Russia, about 120 locals were suddenly inside a cinema, but they made the most of it by spending an all-night movie marathon..

A report published by “The Moscow Times” website says: “Wind speed reached 27 meters per second and visibility decreased to almost zero that night, in the city of Norilsk, which led to the suspension of all public transport along the main roads, and temperatures dropped to minus 20 degrees Celsius, which caused about 120 people to be stuck in one of the cinemas.

People detained by storm relax inside cinema

As a result, 120 people who were unable to return to their homes were housed in the city’s cultural centre. A picture taken from inside the showroom showed people relaxing on cinema seats and watching movies on the big screen for free, in addition to enjoying tea and wafer cakes provided by local authorities.

After spending their free premium night in the cinema, roads were reopened and public transportation resumed work, at 8:30, the next morning, local media reported..

Norilsk, located 300 km from the Arctic Circle, is one of the northernmost cities in the world and is home to nearly 180,000 people.

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