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120 thousand Russian soldiers on the border.  Ukrainian minister calls for sanctions

120 thousand Russian soldiers on the border. Ukrainian minister calls for sanctions

Russia will have more than 120,000 troops on the Ukrainian border this week, and that number will increase, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. According to him, the concentration of troops is higher than at the beginning of the war in 2014. These include electronic weapon systems and Iskander ballistic missiles with a range of up to 500 km.

Ready to invade “in a few weeks”

“We can’t rule out any footage,” Guleba told foreign journalists at an online press conference about further developments. “We have learned one thing about the Putin regime during the seven years of illegal occupation – everything can be expected from the Russian leadership. Even if we talk about irrational decisions,” said the politician.

Russian troops are said to be ready for further aggression against Ukraine in a few weeks. “We can not say the exact date on which the Russians will cross the front line, but we do see strategic and military preparations,” Guleba said, adding that Ukraine has no NATO troops in its territory.

According to Guleba, the reason for the concentration of Russian troops is that, among other things, the Kremlin wants to resolve the situation of Donbass by a final decision, not a compromise. According to Guleba, Russia also wants to show Western democracies that it will “do what it wants”, including cyber-attacks, interference in other states’ affairs or the imprisonment of Navalny. “In addition, Putin and his party are losing popularity, and rising tensions on the border with Ukraine are aimed at mobilizing the president’s support,” Guleba added.

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Moscow says it is a military exercise, which will end in a few weeks.

Call the Kremlin, Guleba calls

In the current situation, Ukraine proposes that its allies support Kiev for direct communication with the Kremlin. “Moscow should ask that Ukraine is not alone. Russia and Russia alone are responsible for aggravating the situation,” the minister said.

Guleba also called for anti-Russian sanctions. Those who target individuals work, but they are not enough to prevent conflict. “On Monday, I called on EU foreign ministers to impose sectoral sanctions on Russia. Sanctions against certain individuals cannot stop a war. Only sanctions that Russia fears can do that,” said the head of Ukrainian diplomacy. He admitted that he had no choice.

Be quiet, says the Kremlin Vrbětice cause

According to Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Pesco on Tuesday, several countries’ current conflicts with Russia are the result of a “mass anti-Russian mentality” in the West. According to Pesco, Russia is ready to engage in dialogue with the West, regardless of current tensions, in order to protect its interests. According to Putin’s close ally, foreign partners need to be “quiet” in dealing with differences in a constructive manner. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

Merkel defended the Russian-German gas pipeline

Culeba called the almost-completed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which runs from Russia to Germany at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, a “bad plan”. “This is against Europe’s energy security. It is bad for Ukraine’s energy security and for Ukraine’s security as a whole. If our pipeline is empty, it will untie Russia’s hands so that it can now move more aggressively towards Ukraine,” the politician said of a gas pipeline via Ukraine Warned to start setting up.

Germany is still emphasizing the pipeline project. CDU Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel defended Nort Stream 2 on Tuesday. With the exception of Ukraine, the United States and Poland oppose the pipeline version.

The path of the nearly completed Nort Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“I know there is skepticism about Nord Stream 2. But I would like to point out that the gas that flows through Nort Stream 2 is not yet worse than the gas that comes from Nort Stream 1 and the gas that comes through Ukraine. Said at the Parliamentary Conference.The new Eucalyptus gas pipeline will connect with Chechnya North Stream 2.

Merkel also commented on the tensions in Ukraine. “We have many conflicts with Russia, which carry our ties, but I’m always one of those who says we need to talk to each other,” Merkel said of the complex relations with Moscow, part of the so-called Berlin Normandy Four, in which Paris, Moscow and Kiev report the situation in eastern Ukraine.