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12,000 planes in the sky after a pandemic of errors Desperate airlines and passengers

The fact was reported by the Bloomberg Agency on Wednesday. Jefferies estimates that the number of unannounced orders is currently at 12,720 devices.

The high prices for plane tickets that people have been paying for in the past few months could come down. During the pandemic, people are used to ticket prices and Reopened in New York On the plane, said Ajay Otani, who founded the LiveFromALounge website, which is designed for frequent air travelers. He added that it is not just a matter of lack of aircraft, but factors such as oil prices. The return of business trips and the fact that many people want to take a vacation after several years abroad also play a role.

Boeing and Airbus have sold the most popular airframe models at least through 2029. Airlines’ demand and efforts to replenish shrinking fleets are exacerbating problems in supplying necessary components and manpower.

At the beginning of December, Airbus set its goal of delivering 700 aircraft this year, which it attributed to supply chain problems. Two European aircraft manufacturers have already warned that the increase in energy prices will particularly affect manufacturers with energy-intensive operations, such as suppliers of castings and forgings.

F Steve Udvar-Hazy said that the US Air Lease Corporation, one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing companies, has received every machine ordered in the past two years with the bottom part. We have not received any aircraft from you whether it is a 737 Max, 787 or A330, A350, etc. The worst was with the A321neo. He added that they have at least six or seven months, if we compare the contractual month with the actual day.

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Planes were parked in bags during the pandemic

During the major onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, aircraft carriers have grounded thousands of aircraft in enclaves around the world. Hundreds of them are not included in the fleets of airlines. Machines that have been out of service for a long period of time must be serviced, otherwise the airline will phase them out, so don’t include them in your flight days.

One could be an old working machine. In extreme cases, airlines can extend the life cycle of aircraft, said Sunny Shi, editor-in-chief of consulting firm Oliver Wyman. Airlines in Asia, for example, fill their fleets in 12-year cycles, which is not the case in most other regions. Shi added that during the restructuring that carriers have gone through in the past few years, many airlines have expanded their fleets and can do so in the future.