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13 artists and specialists judge the “Sharjah Film Festival”

The Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth revealed the names of the members of the jury for the eighth session of the festival, which includes 13 artists and specialists who will evaluate more than 80 films from 38 countries that will be shown during the festival, which will be held (remotely) over 6 days from 10 to 15 October next. .

The jury for this session includes a number of artists, film directors, filmmakers and experts in media and photography, representing the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Syria, Italy, and the United States of America. Student-made, short Gulf films, international short films, documentaries, animated films, and feature films.

Arbitration Criteria

During the preparation period for its new session, the festival had received 1,334 films in 2020 and a total of 2,950 films during the current year, of which more than 80 films were nominated for screening at the festival. long. In evaluating the films, the jury adopts a number of criteria and foundations, most notably: the idea and purpose of the work, the technical criteria used in the implementation, the evaluation of the scenario, filming and directing, in addition to the elements of innovation and creativity in the work and presentation, the techniques used, and the organization.

The jury for the Student-Made Films category includes the Emirati independent filmmaker Hamad Saghran, who directed his 2008 film “The Sea That Dams” and won many awards and acclaim at the local and Arab levels, and the Bahraini photographer and video artist Mashael Al Saei, who is currently seeking an award for the award. Master’s degree in Photography, Video and Media Arts from the Gallatin School of Individual Studies at New York University.

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short films

The jury for the “Gulf Short Films” category is composed of director / Dr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahim Al Zadjali, founder and president of the Muscat Film Festival 2001 – 2016 . The Kuwaiti artist and playwright Abdullah Al-Turkmani, who won 15 awards in the field of acting and theater and film directing, also participates in judging this category.

As for the international short films category, the jury includes Maryam bin Fahd, one of the young Emirati leaders with extensive media experience, and among the most prominent projects she has worked on is the Arab Media Forum and the Arab Press Award, along with the Italian Giulio Vita, the founding partner. For the La Guarimba Film Festival in Italy since 2013.


Animation films are judged by Emirati director and screenwriter Fadel Al Muhairi, who studied cinematic arts at the American University of Sharjah, and his film “One Night of the Nights” won the Best Narrative Film award under the Student Competition category at the Emirates Film Competition in 2003, and Youssef Abdul Amir Al-Baqshi, an artist An artist and animation filmmaker from Kuwait. His short films have won several awards from Gulf and international festivals.

The judging panel in the Documentary category includes Chadian-American director and producer Bentley Brown, who has produced a number of acclaimed films, a Ph.D. nominee in Critical Media Practices at the University of Colorado Boulder, and James Beachoy, Associate Professor in the College of Communication and Media Sciences at Zayed University in Dubai. Presenting Nightline on DubaiEye 103.8 FM. In addition to his practice of writing and creating informative, educational and entertaining podcast content.

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Feature Films

Among the jury of the feature films category, the Syrian artist Abed Fahd, who achieved fame among the audience through his various dramatic roles, presented many works in which he embodied contemporary and historical personalities, and in 2009 he won the Murex d’Or award as the best Arab actor.

Participating in the arbitration of this category is Khaled Al-Rifai from Kuwait, and he is the CEO of the «Ol Over Group for Artistic Production».