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16 مرشحا لـ"رئاسة ليبيا" في بيان مشترك: لا نمانع إزاحة موعد الانتخابات

16 candidates for the “presidency of Libya” in a joint statement: We do not mind moving the election date

A number of candidates for the Libyan presidential elections confirmed that they do not mind moving the election date as required by technical necessities, provided that the date of December 24 is included in the electoral procedures period. The electoral process in Libya.

The conferees affirmed full commitment to the right of Libyans to express their will to choose their leaders through the ballot boxes, which was confirmed by the receipt of nearly 2.5 million voters with their electoral cards and their willingness to cast their votes to choose the country’s president and members of the next legislative authority.

The conferees affirmed their firm and clear position on the necessity of ending the division in all its forms and manifestations, and unifying Libyan institutions by holding presidential and parliamentary elections in accordance with the road map that was formulated at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum and supported by the relevant Security Council resolutions.

In light of the worrying indicators that threaten the integrity of the electoral process, the attendees renewed their call to the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, the League of Arab States and all relevant local and regional organizations to intensify efforts to support the electoral process by activating the role of election monitoring teams to ensure its integrity and impartiality.

They stressed the need for the High National Elections Commission to continue the approach of neutrality and commitment to transparency in its work, and their support for the Commission’s efforts to hold elections in appropriate conditions and on the specified dates, and their stand against the systematic smear campaigns against the Commission.

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The conferees urged all parties and local actors to work for the success of the upcoming elections, each according to its competence, and to start immediately coordinating efforts to ensure the holding of the Libyan presidential and parliamentary elections and to create the appropriate environment for them and to ensure acceptance of their results.

The meeting agreed on the necessity of inviting all candidates for the presidential elections according to their desire to participate in the upcoming meetings in support of holding the presidential and parliamentary elections. A meeting should be held between the candidates for the presidential elections, the head of the High National Elections Commission and the relevant parties to discuss the latest developments in the electoral process with the aim of making it a success, provided that this meeting is held during this week.

The participants agreed to coordinate directly to hold an expanded meeting in Sirte on December 20, with the aim of increasing coordination and expanding participation for the candidates to achieve the aforementioned points. Signed by the executive authority in writing and contained in the media statements issued by it.

The participants agreed to reject the conflict of interests between the role of the Libyan government in facilitating the electoral process and its president’s candidacy for the presidential elections, which results in unequal opportunities and the use of state resources in electoral campaigning. its results.

The statement was signed by the candidates for the Libyan presidential elections, Ibrahim Dabbashi, Asaad Zhio, Ismail Al-Shteiwi, Bashir Saleh, Hamed Al-Baghdadi, Khaled Kaim, Aref Al-Nayed, Ashour Shawail, Othman Al-Basir, Othman Abdul-Jalil, Fathi Bashagha, Fadil Al-Amin, Laila bin Khalifa, Muhammad Al-Muntasir. , Mohamed Khaled Al-Ghail, Mahmoud Al-Telisi.

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