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16 medals in a row.  Americans have Hughes, but only one |

16 medals in a row. Americans have Hughes, but only one |

Photo: NDTP of Facebook USA Hockey

Four – This is the number of U18 World Championships in which the Americans did not win a medal. 2003 – This is the last year of this “sad” event. At home championships, they will want to show their strength and win gold.

National team fan

In their twenties, they were very successful in the last decade, but not sovereign. This attribute applies to Americans (if we do not calculate the best gender) only for eighteen. For example, between 2009 and 2015, he was eliminated from only one competition without a gold medal.

In 21 championships, the United States won gold in ten cases and added four silver and three bronze. The reason is simple. This is called the US Development Program, officially the USA Hockey National Team Development Program. The players train and play together all season and they have created the best conditions for that. This will definitely pay off.

Lists of participants in the World Championships up to 18 years

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Only one young man working outside the project – goalkeeper Braden Holt of Everett in the WHL – has been named in the national squad for the upcoming championship. However, last year’s teammate Mitchell Good caught just two games this season, so he won’t have a major role.

The Sass Lucius Center, which is targeting the first or second tenth of this year’s NHL draft, is the most important opportunity in the appointment; Winger Sasha Bastuzov is slightly worse in ratings. Defender Luke Hughes may not be seen from the full peak, but he was injured in early March and missed the championship.

As you know, or at least properly ventilated, Luke is the brother of other great talents Quinn and Jack Hughes. However, for those who have not started, the upcoming matches will involve another issue.

Jack Hughes will play in it!

But a completely different Jack Hughes, his family has no family ties. TV commentators cannot be envied by the situation, they have a lot to explain …

The list also includes five 2004 junior hockey players who played for the U17 team for most of the season in the development program. From the two of them, much is expected towards the 2022 draft, with attackers Logan Cooley and Ruther McRordy making it into the top ten.

Photo: NDTP of Facebook USA Hockey

The World Cup is being played on American soil for the third time, and so far the national team has balanced one gold and one bronze medal. At the base team in Frisco, she starts with the much-watched fight against Russia, followed by the Germans, the Czechs and the Finns waiting for her.

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The Czech hockey players of 2003 saw the elite selection from the development program twice at the age of seventeen. Each time it turned out badly for them – they lost 1:10 and 3: 7, although in the second case they had a 3: 3 draw in the 35th minute. Maybe they will perform better this time.

US nomination for U18 World Cup

Goalkeepers (3):
Bradon Holt, Gibson Himmer, Guiden Mberego.

Defenders (8):
Sean Behrens, Die Murchison, Ethan Strockey, Aidan Hreshchuk, Jacob Martin, Lane Hudson, Die Gallagher, Roman Schmidt.

Attackers (14):
Jack Hughes, Jack Devin, Justin Jonicke, Liam Gilmartin, Sauce Lucius, Sasha Bastuzov, Ruther McCordy, Ryan St. Louis, Red Savage, Isaac Howard, Logan Cooley, Dylan Duke, Andre.

Coaches: Don Muse, Keith Alain, Mike Leone, Nick for a David Lasonde.