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1,786,000,000 dirhams .. “FIFA” incentives in the World Cup 2022

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The value of rewards and incentives allocated by the International Football Association “FIFA” to the teams participating in the World Cup reached the highest number in the upcoming 2022 edition in Qatar at the end of this year, reaching a value of one billion and 786 million dirhams (488 million dollars), of which 440 million dollars are distributed to the teams. The 32 participation after the end of the World Cup, and the 48 million dollars that FIFA will deliver in advance to the national federations to which the participating teams belong.

In order to spend from it on the technical preparation program for the tournament by one and a half million dollars for each team, and it was clarified through the figures that the increase amounted to 8% for the incentives allocated by FIFA to the teams participating in the 22nd edition of the World Cup in Qatar.

Incentives and rewards do not stop with what FIFA allocates to the participating teams, but extends to the professional clubs to which the players participating in the World Cup belong, which has been called the “insurance bonus” in appreciation of the influential role of the clubs in raising the level of the player and the large sums that clubs spend on their players.

The International Football Association (FIFA) benefited a lot from the global event between sponsors, as well as from the television rights of the World Cup matches, to enhance its profits from one round to another while setting a ladder to distribute the bulk of these profits to the teams to avoid clashing with them, and FIFA distributed 400 million dollars to the teams. In the World Cup Russia 2018, and nearly half of this amount was obtained by the clubs to which the players participating in the tournament belong, as the financial benefits of the World Cup are not limited to the participating teams only, but also go beyond that to include clubs that have players with those teams, where FIFA monitored in The 2018 World Cup for all clubs amounted to 179 million euros. Each club has a player who will participate in the World Cup, gets 7,000 euros per day for each player, and it is expected that the clubs whose players participate in the 2022 World Cup will receive approximately 200 million dollars (720 million dirhams). .

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The language of numbers reveals the skyrocketing increase in profits distributed by FIFA to the teams participating in the World Cup finals. In the 1994 World Cup in America, it did not reach the ceiling of 100 million dollars, which is the ceiling it reached in the next round in 1998 in France when the 32 participating teams shared profits estimated By 103 million dollars, the incentives continued to rise copy after another until we got to talk about the billion numbers.

Fantastic profits

The World Cup has become a fantastic profit for the treasury of the International Football Association “FIFA” thanks to the huge sponsorship contracts that it has with the largest international brands in various fields, especially sports equipment companies, and the high revenues of the World Cup contributed to the significant increase in the revenues of the teams participating in the World Cup. , which made the tournament like a golden egg for the national federations, just like the European Champions League competition at the club level.

Thanks to the financial revenues generated by the World Cup, each national federation has become responsible for all the costs of the teams participating in the tournament, including housing, food, insurance for players, transportation, and others, in addition to granting attractive rewards that vary from one team to another according to the recorded results.

Distribution of incentives

As stated in the FIFA report, the financial prizes for the 2022 World Cup will amount to $440 million, the champion of the current version will receive $42 million, the runner-up will receive $30 million, and the third-place team will receive $27 million. The fourth place winner will receive $25 million.

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The teams that will be in positions from 5 to 8 will each receive $17 million, and from 9 to 16, the amount will be set at $13 million, and $9 million will be allocated to each of the teams that will occupy positions from 17 to 32.

FIFA revenue

There are no official figures yet for the revenues obtained by the International Football Association “FIFA” in organizing the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but experts and economic studies confirmed that FIFA’s revenues are increasing copy after another, and there is no doubt that the revenues in the World Cup in Russia were higher than It was obtained by FIFA in the 2014 edition in Brazil, noting that FIFA generated revenues of about 4.8 billion dollars in the 2014 World Cup, and the total expenses for organizing the tournament amounted to about 2.7 billion dollars, which led to 2.1 billion dollars in profits obtained by FIFA. For the 2018 World Cup, the numbers were different, and despite the Russian Federation’s secrecy over the financial figures, a specialized study showed that “FIFA” obtained the largest part of the pie by selling broadcasting rights and obtaining a percentage of the value of tickets to attend matches, and the total profits of FIFA from The organization of the Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup in Russia amounted to about $6.4 billion, and the revenue from match ticket sales was estimated at $782 million, and it is expected that about 3.35 million fans will attend the matches, about 1.5 million of whom are foreigners.

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Between 2018 and 2022

The value of the financial prizes in the World Cup 2018 amounted to 400 million dollars, distributed disproportionately between 32 teams, where each team eliminated from the group stage received 8 million dollars (16 teams), and each team that came out of the round of 16 received 12 million dollars (8 teams). Each team that came out of the quarter-finals received $16 million (four teams), while the fourth-placed England team received $22 million, the third-placed Belgium received $24 million, while Croatia, the runner-up to the World Cup, received $28 million, and the third-placed Belgium team won $28 million. France, the defending champion, gets $38 million.