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20 parks in Abu Dhabi raise the "green flag" after winning a new international award

20 parks in Abu Dhabi raise the “green flag” after winning a new international award

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, affiliated to the Department of Municipalities and Transport, announced that 20 parks on Abu Dhabi Island and the mainland have won the international “Green Flag Award”, considering that this new achievement comes as part of a series of successes and excellence achieved by recreational facilities in Abu Dhabi, and an affirmation of following international best practices in Scope of achieving the stringent standards required by the International Green Flag Award.

The list of parks winning the international award included “Al Bateen Beach Park, Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach Parks, Delma Park, Khalifa Park 1, Khalifa Park 2, Khalifa Park 3, Al Rahba Park, Al Bahia Park, Al Shahama Park, Rabdan Park, Al Buhaira Park, Heritage Park, Al Khatim Park, Al Shamkha Park 4, Al Shamkha Park 5, Al Shamkha Park 6, Al Shamkha Park 7, Al Jazeera Park, Mohammed bin Zayed Park 1, Mohammed bin Zayed City Public Park.

The municipality indicated that it has invested the most successful means to direct the development process and improve the management of service facilities under its supervision. Accordingly, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality participated in the International Green Flag Award, which was the pioneer in the application of this practice in the Middle East, adding a new achievement to its achievements.

She stressed that this achievement is the result of the efforts made by all work teams to upgrade recreational facilities, parks and public gardens, which qualified the municipality to obtain the highest international emblem, the International Green Flag Award, and the Abu Dhabi City Municipality will continue to implement the required international standards stipulated by the values ​​and requirements the prize.

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The municipality also expressed its thanks to all members of the work team in charge of managing the winning parks, represented by the infrastructure sector and municipal assets, for their cooperation, support and follow-up of all work teams in the sub-municipal operations sector and working in a team spirit to achieve this international achievement, whether from municipal employees, strategic partners and the guest delegation From the committee and all this integrated system that supported the municipality to achieve this achievement, it values ​​with all respect these sincere efforts.

Abu Dhabi parks obtaining the “green flag” badge embodies many values ​​and benefits, the most important of which is enhancing the municipality’s global reputation as one of the most important institutions that establish good management of parks, ensuring the quality of park management in an effective and efficient manner, enhancing specifications and standards for infrastructure assets and services in accordance with international best practices, raising The percentage of visitors’ satisfaction with the services provided in the parks and recreational parks, the activation of the parks and the optimal use of assets, the promotion of parks and municipal services, the application of sustainability principles in accordance with best practices.

The Green Flag award is considered the most prominent international standard for the management of open and recreational spaces throughout the United Kingdom and around the world. Conservation of nature and heritage, community participation, marketing and good management.



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