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20 parks in Abu Dhabi win international green flag award

20 parks in Abu Dhabi win international green flag award

Hala Al Khayyat (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi City Municipality: 20 parks in the city and its suburbs have won the International Green Flag Award, which confirms that Abu Dhabi parks constitute recreational facilities that reflect the honorable achievements made by Abu Dhabi at all levels, and confirm the success of the vision of the wise leadership in finding service facilities with international specifications and standards, which qualified them to obtain Recognition of international organizations and their entitlement to raise the green flag.
The municipality confirmed the keenness of the Department of Municipalities and Transport to expand the map of the green area and the allocations for each individual of green spaces, parks and natural outlets, and to provide multiple options for residents for entertainment and recreation.
Regarding the green flag privilege, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality confirmed that the green flag is an international award aimed at guiding and encouraging the management of parks, parks and green spaces in accordance with standards that take into account the requirements for providing high-quality service to members of society and in alignment with efforts to protect and manage the green environment.
The criteria by which the gardens were judged were classified into eight main categories, which work together on a comprehensive definition of these gardens and define the objectives for improvement, which are: a place that celebrates visitors, a healthy, safe and safe place, cleanliness and good maintenance, sustainability, and preservation of the environment and heritage , Community Participation, Marketing, and Management.
The award is granted by the International Green Flag Award organization, which operates in 15 countries around the world, including Australia, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United States of America. the green.

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Multiple entertainment options for kids
Public parks provide multiple entertainment options for children, and most of them contain volleyball, basketball, and multi-purpose sports fields, in addition to children’s games. Many gardens include an exercise track around their perimeter, to combat the spread of obesity among adults and children, and take into account the educational aspect, and provide the opportunity for reading enthusiasts, as it includes various libraries that represent an addition to the cultural aspect of children. Most of the parks in Abu Dhabi take into account the category of people of determination, by providing fitness equipment for people of determination, allowing them the opportunity to play, have fun and play sports with their normal peers, within a children-friendly play area for people of determination in public parks without hindrance or a feeling of lack.