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20 years since the impossible theft.. penetrated the most fortified place in the world

The British newspaper “The Sun” says that the most famous thefts that investigators were unable to fully uncover, captured the minds of amateurs and professionals alike, and show the extent to which criminals can go in keeping what they stole.

At the top of this list is the robbery called the “Antwerp Diamond Heist”, which affected one of the most secure safes in the world.

In the details, a group of Italian thieves stole the knowledge called “School Turin$100 million worth of diamond And thegold And silver from the Belgian Diamond Center in the northern city of Antwerp Belgium 2003.

The mastermind of the operation was a person named Leonardo Notraporto, nicknamed “The Artist”, and he was known to use a hidden camera inside a pen, in visits to the place to identify him and identify the gaps that can be accessed.

It was believed that the place is impenetrable, and it is a castle with 14 floors, and the jewelry is in a basement guarded by a team of private security and protected by metal and revolving doors, and everyone entering the place must carry a card on their chest.

And not only that, there are also 10 layers of security, including infrared heat detectors, and a lock in which passwords contain 100 million possible answers.

After the “artist” visited the place, impersonating a diamond dealer, he filmed with a hidden camera the chests containing the treasures.

His gang worked on building a similar vault, where it spent months planning the operation, and among the gang were specialists in disabling alarm systems, and others were proficient in copying keys, and one of them was known as the “King of Keys”.

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Two days before the massive robbery, the center brought in a shipment of diamonds worth millions of dollars, which represented a golden opportunity for the gang to double its profits.

On the day of the operation, the gang members infiltrated through one of the balconies of the building and made their way to the basement, and during that they did not forget to block the surveillance cameras, and they disabled the alarm systems in the place, and paralyzed the movement of the magnetic field device that was placed to hinder theft operations.

And the “King of Keys” is surprised that the key to the vault is in the next room.

They stole what they managed to steal from the cellar and left the place to a car that was waiting for them outside.

Although the process was elaborate, the criminals left evidence behind them in a remote location that contributed to their trace.

For example, there was a thief named Speedy who left some clues in a forest.

Later, a problem occurred between a farmer in the area with teenagers and they threw garbage on his land, including a bag belonging to the gang, which led to the arrest of one of its members.

After extensive efforts, the authorities managed to catch the majority of the criminals in the process and they spent 5 years in prison.

Now, 20 years later, one of the most prominent members of the gang, the “King of the Keys”, is still at large, and the mystery of how he and the rest of the gang managed to bypass all security measures and steal the jewels remains unsolved.

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