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2021 World Hockey Championship semi-final and final program | برنامج Match schedule


The last time the World Hockey Championship was held was in 2019 in Slovakia. The Finnish national team was happy with this victory, and the Czechs lost in the match for third place against Russia.

2021 World Hockey Championship kits and table

Sixteen teams participate in the tournament, divided into two groups. The top four nations from each group advance to the quarter-finals, and the remaining teams finish in the tournament. Nobody is joining the elite group this year, and none of them are joining either.

Group A group b
mask Canada
Sweden Finland
Czech United States of America
Switzerland Germany
Slovakia Latvia
Denmark Norway
Belarus Italy
Great Britain Kazakhstan

You can follow the current results and schedules during the tournament on

When do the Czechs play? Coach Bishan’s teams will enter the World Cup with a match against Russia

2021 World Hockey Championship schedule and schedule

World Hockey Championship This year it runs from May 21 to June 6, 2021 This is the most recent date in history. The tournament was originally scheduled for May 7, but due to the pandemic, the date has been pushed back into 2020.

The main venue for the tournament is the Riga Arena, which has a capacity of 10,300 seats, also hosted the 2006 World Cup, when the Czechs won the silver medal. At the main court of KHL Dinamo Riga, Group B matches, two quarter-final matches, both semi-finals and medal matches are played.

Other matches are hosted by the Olympic Sports Center (OSC), which is about 150 meters from the Riga Arena and has been converted into a 6000-seat hockey podium to meet the needs of the tournament.

The nomination for the World Cup has its final form. Besan takes 28 players to Latvia

The program of matches for the Czechs begins on the first day of the match with a match against Russia.

2021 World Hockey Championship schedule

Final standings

Canada won the gold, which avenged their last defeat to Finland in 2019. Third place went to the Americans who beat Germany in the bronze medal match. The Czech national team ranked seventh.

Final standings for 2021 teams
1. Canada
2. Finland
3. United States of America
4. Germany
5. mask
6. Switzerland
7. Czech
8. Slovakia
9. Sweden
10. Kazakhstan
11. Latvia
12. Denmark
13. Norway
14. Great Britain
15th. Belarus
16. Italy

Spectators (Tickets)

Ten days before the tournament, the president of the International Hockey Federation, Rene Vassil, announced that at least the main groups will be played without an audience due to the coronavirus situation in Latvia. “We think the situation may change from the quarter-finals,” he added.

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A few days later, it was decided that the entire tournament would be held without spectators.

It’s final! The entire World Hockey Championship will be in Riga without fans

Hockey World Cup Mascot – Thorny Hedgehog

Spiky the hedgehog has been chosen as the mascot for this year’s World Hockey Championship. The mascot was chosen in Belarus and Latvia, proposals were sent by professional artists and hockey fans.

The hedgehog is a very popular character in Belarusian and Latvian mythology, and like the hockey teams of both countries, he is famous for his stubbornness and fighting spirit.