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2022 will be the hottest year on record for the UK

Britain’s Met Office announced on Wednesday that this year will be the hottest year ever in the United Kingdom, which saw several record-breaking heat waves last summer.

The Met Office’s Mark McCarthy said in a statement: “2022 will rank as the warmest year on record for the UK. Scorching summer heat has persisted somewhat throughout the year.”

The average temperature for this year is known in January, but it is expected to exceed the last record recorded in 2014 (9.88 degrees Celsius), according to the preliminary data available.

Each of the four seasons this year was one of the 10 warmest seasons the UK has seen since national reports began in 1884, the Met Office says, relying on its preliminary data when the year ends officially.

The report noted that ten warmest years since 2003 have been identified.

“A warmer year is consistent with the actual projected impacts of climate change,” McCarthy said.

Record temperature

2022 began with a record-breaking early January temperature, which reached 16 degrees Celsius in London.

The report indicated that every month of the year, except December, saw an average temperature above the seasonal average.

July saw temperatures exceed 40C for the first time in London, and it was the driest month in much of southern and eastern England, forcing water restrictions in some places.

In addition to the record temperatures, the Meteorological Department confirmed that the current year has seen exceptionally dry conditions with below average rainfall.

According to scientists, the increase in heat waves is a direct result of climate warming, while the increase in greenhouse gases increases the intensity, length and frequency of these waves.

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In France, the current year will be classified as the hottest year ever, the Met Office announced at the end of November.