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21 new emojis are now available on the iPhone, most notably the pink heart

Written by Amira Shehata

Friday, March 31, 2023 04:00 AM

The experts added a shaking face emoji, a Wi-Fi symbol, a jellyfish and different colored hearts, including the pink heart requested by users, among the 21 New emoji Available on Apple devices With the latest iOS update.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, there is a much-needed “pink heart” emoji, which is one of three new hearts included in the release, along with various shapes in light blue and gray, and at the same time, the expression “pink heart” can be used face twitching” in shock reactions or to indicate excessive movement, as during an earthquake.

Other additions include pea pod, gingerbread, angel wing and donkey, and emoji are included in iOS 16.4, Apple’s new software update, available now for iPhone 8 and later.

Emojipedia, part of the Unicode Consortium, the central bank for all approved emoji, has approved the new emoji version, called 15.0.

Companies are applying simplified versions of the designs to their operating systems, including Apple, Google and Meta, which have begun rolling out their new designs to Facebook.

Despite faces being among the most used emojis, the only new face emoji in this version is the “shake face”.

There is also a “driving hand” in a range of colours, yellow and different skin tones, either facing right or left.

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