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+ 216% over last ten years

$ 1,900 billion in Fascist stimulus, which will result in a + 1% global recovery and a 6.5% increase in U.S. GDP. The maximum plan for public investment in infrastructure and the environment ($ 3 trillion) will be announced on July 4 after the expected outbreak. Thanks to the continuing mass vaccination at the rate of two million vaccines a day: the new agreement of the Biden administration aims to quickly fix the Govt-19 crisis.

Export to the United States

Italy, a strategic partner in the United States, exports exports are estimated at 42.5 billion euros, 43.9 billion by 2021 and 46.5 by 2023 (Chase Seamst). The United States ranks first on the high-potential geographical map of Padua and Treviso for exports and investment: 7th to 3rd place in a decade (2009-2020). The total value of exports rose from 6 546 million in 2009 to $ 1.7 billion in 2020 (equivalent to 31.2% of total Veneto – 5.5 billion). The 216% increase, which has slowed in 2020, is expected to repeat the decline (-4.7%) in the second half. From an informational, administrative and investment perspective, Acintastria wants to re-launch and support Venetocentro is a survival and penetration driven by the standards of Made in Italy. By combining “successful” business events to spread the right (and winning) approach to the stars and stripes market to a wider audience of SMEs.

“Urban Entertainment Hotel”

The United States will be the protagonist of the new “Club Base”, a cycle of meetings-conversations with Asindustria Venitocentro dedicated to related entrepreneurs, facilitating sharing and comparing experiences between companies that have made strategic or manufacturing investments in five markets. (Except the United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Russia) and vice versa are at the beginning of this process. The “US Country Club” edition of the interactive webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, March 31 at 5:00 pm with the participation of more than 70 entrepreneurs and managers to analyze the effects and opportunities of stimulus policies, including the best strategies for inclusion in the US market (protectionism and ‘regionalization of value chains’). In light), with company credentials of Arbor (Monastery), Logo Group (Gallira Venetta), Progress Specifications (Azolo). The meeting will be opened by Alessandra Bolin, Councilor, Representative of Asindustria Venitocentro for Internationalization. This will be followed by the contribution of Antonio Laspina, Director of the ICE Office in New York and Coordinator of the American ICE Network. Francesco de Marco, Head of Sales and Marketing at Logo Group, Head of Tennis Board, Head of Progress Profiles and CEO of Logo Group, and Leopoldo Giusti, Marketing Manager of Arbor North America, bringing business experiences. Alessandro Zuin, editorial coordinator of Courier Impress, is leading the work.

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Alessandra Polin

The resumption after the P epidemic – says Alessandra Bolin – can only be driven by the best regression factors in our economy, which are export and sectoral specialties, i.e. dynamics and components, agri-food, furniture and design, fashion and sports organization. In a country like the United States, the firepower of expansionary stimuli opens up tangible opportunities for our exports. Being a part of Acinestria venitocentro means having a network of rich and extensive relationships between entrepreneurs, which is a unique tradition. We would like to do this with our ‘Country Clubs’ to share the experience of those who have already successfully crossed those boundaries, to bring the complexity of global views to our SMEs, and to provide the culture and tools to become permanent exporters. The United States – Pollin continues – represents the third most important market for the regions of Padua and Treviso, after Germany and France. The inevitable setback was in 2020. But this will only be a temporary halt because our exports are ready to come up again. We look at the new Biden administration very carefully. As far as US-EU trade relations are concerned, the first steps confirm a more constructive approach and strategy than ever before. It is hoped that all of this will lead to the progressive removal of obligations placed on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years. In the short term, through vaccination, we are working to allow our managers and technicians to return to foreign countries.


A rapid growth in the long view of the last ten years, slowed only in 2020 by the effects of the epidemic. In Padua and Treviso, the United States ranks first in mapping high-potential geographies for exports and investment: 7th to 3rd in a decade (2009-2020). The total value of exports increased from 6 546 million in 2009 to ில்லியன் 1 billion 726 million in 2020. + 216% (Treviso + 246%, 288 to 995 million euros; Padua + 183%, 258 to 730 million), despite the downturn in 2020, was -4.7%, thanks to a positive recovery in the second half. Major exports to the United States in 2020 were machinery and equipment (3 413 million), products of other manufacturing activities (497.8 million), food and beverages (244 million), textiles, clothing and accessories (133.6 million), rubber and plastics (98.5 million).

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