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24 series compete for the "Nile Prize for Dramatic Creativity"

24 series compete for the “Nile Prize for Dramatic Creativity”

Cairo: «The Gulf»

** Dr. continues. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions, preparations for the “Nile Festival for Dramatic Creativity”; The first festival organized by the Syndicate of Acting Professions, where Zaki holds meetings at the Syndicate’s headquarters with the festival’s organizing committee, which he selected from among the young graduates of the Institute of Dramatic Arts and members of the Syndicate of Acting Professions Council, headed by the star Yehia El Fakhrani.

The festival’s jury is headed by director Inam Mohamed Ali, chair of the jury, and star Ahmed El-Sakka will be a member of the jury, knowing that El-Sakka will compete for the best actor award for his participation in the third part of “The Choice!”

Members of the jury will watch 24 series, from the works produced this year, and shown on Egyptian satellite channels during last Ramadan, in order to choose the best actor in a first role, best actress in a first role, best actor in a second role, best actress in a second role, and the best new face for men. The best new female face, the best directing, the best writing, the best picture, the best music and chords, and the best series.

** The Egyptian star Sabreen began filming her first scenes in the movie “Work Injury”, which she co-stars in front of a large number of artists, including: Amir Al-Masry, Bayoumi Fouad, Mayan Al-Sayed, Salah Abdullah, and others, and written by Mohamed Samir Mabrouk and Ahmed Adel Sultan. It was co-written by Sahar Gharib, and directed by Issam Nassar.

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** The artist Ahmed Fahmy, accompanied by producer Ahmed El-Sobky, traveled to Cyprus to inspect the locations of filming the new movie “Mr. X”, which he will star in, and compete with in the mid-year vacation season next January. Abu Al-Saud, screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Abdel Wahab and Amjad Al-Sharqawi, directed by Ahmed Rashid.

** The makers of the series “Family Matter” began the actual preparations for filming the second part of the work, which was announced after the end of the first show at the end of last year, as the series’ authors are working on writing the episodes of the second part consisting of 10 episodes, with the addition of some outlines and new characters On the events, before concluding contracts with the artists participating in the tournament.

The series “Family Matter”, idea and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy, script and dialogue by Mohamed Ezz El-Din, Karim Youssef, starring Majed El-Kadwany, Rana Rais, Mohamed Shaheen, Sama Ibrahim, Enas Kamel, Taha El-Desouky, Mohamed Radwan, Mohamed El-Qass, Hossam Dagher, and Dalia El-Khouly, And Maryam Al-Jundi and the guests of honor were Amina Khalil, Sherine Reda, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, and Muhammad Salam.

** Director Raouf Abdel Aziz has finished filming 80% of the events of his new series “Dopamine”, which consists of 15 episodes, and is preparing to shoot the last remaining scenes in the work, which will take approximately 10 days, after which the editing and preparation of workshops will begin before setting a date for its presentation during next period.

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The series “Dopamine” written by Muhammad Jalal, starring Reem Mustafa, Muhammad Kilani, Basil Al-Zarro, Marwan Younes, Tiam Mustafa Qamar, Isra Rakha, Basant Shawky, Basant Al-Saqqi, Ahmed Abdel Majid, and a number of other young artists, and the work events revolve within a framework Social and discuss the world of social media, and its impact on people’s lives.