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3 + 1 on board a yacht.  Forget the land, this is how he will live in three years

3 + 1 on board a yacht. Forget the land, this is how he will live in three years

Restaurants, bars, wine cellar, swimming pool or tennis court. And of course a different view every day – whether the sea or the new picturesque harbor. At least according to the Norwegian shipyard Vard, this is what the future of housing looks like. You only pay for it. That is, if you ever get the chance.

The company has begun building the Somnio yacht, which will include 39 housing units, according to two Swedish companies. It has already gone on sale and the cheapest will cost eleven million dollars (237 million kroner). However, it is only sold to recommended or invited interested parties.

The ship, whose production will require $600 million (8.6 billion kroner), will be 222 meters long, and the apartments will be arranged over six decks.

The yacht should sail in 2024, and the annual itinerary must always be agreed jointly by the apartment owners. The promotional material talks about a week in New York or an expedition to Antarctica.

The co-founder of the project is Captain Eric Breede, who described Somnio as “the largest yacht in the world in terms of length and size, which will provide apartment owners with the best possible quality of life at sea.”

The creators claim that the superyacht will provide an opportunity to “get away from epidemics and other dangerous situations” and that first-class healthcare will be available on it. Somnia’s primary purpose will be to provide housing, but the ship must also be available to professionals who study life at sea and oceans.

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The length of the largest residential yacht in the world today is 196 meters. It has been solidified during the pandemic and is due to sail again this month.