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3 clips answer.. How did Hussein Labib change the image of the president of Zamalek in 50 days?

3 clips answer.. How did Hussein Labib change the image of the president of Zamalek in 50 days?

50 days were enough for Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing the Egyptian club Zamalek, to succeed in changing the stereotyped image of the president of the White Club.

Hussein Labib assumed the presidency Zamalek He succeeded the previous committee headed by Imad Abdel Aziz, last May, and in less than two months, he succeeded in changing many things within the club, which made him praised by the fans of the White Castle.

In the following report, “Al Ain Sports” reviews the most prominent shots through which Hussein Labib succeeded in changing the stereotyped image of the president of Zamalek, especially since it came after a state of administrative instability that dominated the club during the last period.


A state of calm dominated the reactions of Hussein Labib and the Zamalek Council on the various thorny issues that Zamalek underwent during the last period, which is the opposite of what happened in earlier times during the presence of Mortada Mansour at the head of the club.

This was evident in the successive statements launched by the Zamalek Council to respond to some of the rumors that surrounded the team and that were issued by some media outlets, as the statements were characterized by calm and decisiveness, without addressing any other matters.

The statements came in Standard Arabic, unlike some previous statements that were dominated by the Egyptian vernacular, and without resorting to appearing in long video clips to respond, as was the case during the previous council era.

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The quiet speech also appeared in the television interviews conducted by Hussein Labib, whether directly or over the phone, where he was distinguished by his ability to arrange speech in a calm and elegant manner, which impressed many of the fans of Zamalek.

Quiet celebrations

The matter did not stop at the language of the data, but the body language had a share, especially during Hussein Labib’s watching of the basketball team in Zamalek during the semi-final and final matches of the Egyptian League.

Hussein Labib won the admiration of the fans because of his celebration of the decisive points that Zamalek scored in those matches, so that some called him “Pope Hussein Labib”.

Despite Labib’s celebrations that grabbed the hearts of the fans, they were devoid of any form of nervousness or emotion, unlike what the former club president, Mortada Mansour, was doing.

Labib was also keen not to give himself any credit, as he always attributed the credit to the council he works with, and to the Zamalek club entity to which he belongs, without talking about himself, which impressed the fans as well.

European appearances

In addition, Hussein Labib and his council have taken many steps that help stabilize different teams, whether in football, basketball or other games.

The Zamalek Council succeeded in renewing the contracts of Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” and Mahmoud Hamdi “Al Wensh”, in a move that the previous councils that ran the club were unable to do.

What distinguished these contracts is the way they were accompanied, as the Zamalek Council was keen that these steps be accompanied by an official photo in front of the Zamalek logo, without the announcement by taking a picture in the club’s president’s office.

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In addition, Hussein Labib held a special honoring ceremony for the basketball stars after winning the African and League Championships, and his ability to speak English well, in a message he addressed to the former Spanish coach of the team, Agusti Bosch.

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