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3 deputies expelled from the Quebec Parliament for refusing to take an oath to King Charles

3 deputies expelled from the Quebec Parliament for refusing to take an oath to King Charles

In images broadcast live on television, a policeman guarding the locked door of the National Assembly in QuebecElected officials of the Quebec Party Paul St. Pierre Plamondon, Pascal Berube and Joel Arceneaux from entry.

A short time later, party leader St. Pierre Plamondon expressed, in a press conference, his disappointment, and said, “Centuries have passed during which a gesture of submission to the British crown must be made to represent the people of Quebec, and at least decades have passed during which we say that the matter will change but it does not change,” according to France. Press.

However, he added that the case had changed in recent weeks. He pointed out that “there is now a consensus on this issue in the assembly.”

And he added, “This means that all the next generation of politicians will not have to make this insulting gesture.”

On Thursday, all parties adopted a proposal indicating their desire to abolish the oath, and one of them, the Quebec Solidaire Party, submitted a bill to make it optional.

Chief said Quebec government “I, for example, don’t like to swear to the king, so we all agree to cancel the oath,” François Legault told reporters, before announcing that his party, the Alliance for the Future of Quebec, would also introduce a bill next week.

under Canadian Constitutional LawIn order to hold office, all elected members of parliament at the federal and provincial levels must swear allegiance to the British monarchy.

And at the end of last October, the three “Party of Quebec” deputies swore an oath to the people of Quebec only and not to the King Charles IIIWhile 11 deputies in “Solidarity Quebec” refused to take the oath before finally retracting their refusal.

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It is worth noting that, for the first time in the country’s history, a small majority of Canadian citizens said in a poll conducted last April that they want Disposal of ownership whose role has become honorary, but in Quebec this percentage has reached 71 percent.