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3 films open the activities of "Al Owais Film Festival" on Thursday

3 films open the activities of “Al Owais Film Festival” on Thursday

The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation will launch its first activities at the Al Owais Film Club on Thursday evening, which is an addition to the Foundation’s interests in cultural affairs and raising the visual taste of the audience, through the presentation and discussion of Emirati, Arab or international films, especially those that receive international awards and honors. .

The club presents a group of short films directed by Saleh Karama Al-Amri, which in total constitute a rich experience of local documentation through a life-friendly cinematic eye. It tells about boys playing football in the popular neighborhood, and their ball flies out onto a public road, and a speeding car runs over the ball, and they return to their homes. In a popular neighborhood, she wears traditional clothes and puts a shawl on her head. Suddenly a storm blows her scarf.. She resorts to eating a white sheet from the laundry that she spreads and puts it on her head through a spontaneous movement, where the camera documents the role of simplicity in monitoring the reaction within a framework of psychological and social overtones. .

The third movie, which is shown in the club, entitled: “Siren Diving”, which is a documentary that tells the ancient method of diving in the Gulf through a group of people belonging to two different generations. Oysters and locksmiths any return to the mainland through the sound of the slanderer.

The three films are shown in the presence of Saleh Karama Al-Amri and critic Abdullah Hassan, as there is an opportunity to directly dialogue with the director and discuss it in a way that enriches and benefits the audience.

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