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أحمد الشقيري في برنامج الرواد

3 reasons for Ahmed Al Shugairi’s success in the “Pioneers” program… Interesting stories from the business world | news

MBC channels began showing episodes of the “Pioneers” program by Ahmed Al Shugairi during the second half of Ramadan 2022.

In his program this year, Ahmed Al Shugairi discusses the idea of ​​entrepreneurship, from its inception in “Silicon Valley” in the state of California, and the most famous projects that emerged from it, reaching the Arab world, through which he provides advice to young people about that world full of diverse investment opportunities.

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The episodes of Ahmed Al Shugairi’s “Pioneers” program revolve around 3 axes.

the past

Ahmed Al Shugairi traveled to California, specifically to “Silicon Valley” to review the places where the most important projects of entrepreneurs started, which after years have become icons in the world of technology such as Google, Apple and HP.

Al Shugairi is keen to review the most important information about entrepreneurship and its development to the present.

the present
The “Pioneers” program includes many successful examples of entrepreneurs who have succeeded in transforming simple ideas into projects worth more than one billion dollars.

Ahmed Al Shugairi reviewed examples of these projects in the Arab world, and interviewed their founders in Egypt and Saudi Arabia about the secrets of their success and development, and was keen to try the technical projects himself to ensure their quality.

the future
Al-Shugairi spoke with Arab entrepreneurs about their future plans to advance their projects, and their goals in the coming years.

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He also presented an informative link between the past and the present to predict the future of entrepreneurship in the Arab world, and the extent to which young people are willing to establish their own projects, in addition to the readiness of markets to accept new ideas based on the fact that 60% of the population of the Arab world is under the age of 30.

The date of the presentation of the pioneers program
The “Pioneers” program will be shown on MBC1 at 4:45 pm Egypt time, 5:45 Saudi time, and the episodes become available on the VIP Shahid platform, as soon as their TV show ends.

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