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3 reasons that led novelist Garcia Marquez to success and spread around the world

Abdul Rahman Habib wrote

Friday, March 17, 2023 05:00 PM

Prepare Gabriel Garcia Marquez He is one of the great writers who left an impact on the world, and from here the “Mexican Dead Solan Review” presented a group of reasons that led him to success and spread around the world.


Because success may take a long time to reach the masterpiece that Gabriel García Márquez has enjoyed in most parts of the world, his book “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, which appeared in 1967, when the writer was 40 years old, however, this was not the first work for him.

The Colombian had a long career as a journalist and had already written several books, including “The Colonel Has No One to Write Him.” Throughout his life, Marquez did not express his frustration before his fortieth birthday at not achieving fame. This means that writers, like him, must have the patience and flexibility necessary to be able to witness the success of their projects.

Ears are receptive to criticism

Gabriel García Márquez was one of the most important representatives of magical realism, a literary movement whose main goal was to represent the connections between the magical world and the real world, but that wave in its early years was the prey to many criticisms.

Gabo was also “targeted” by critics who accused his works of being meaningless and even cited the presence of too many details in his novels as one of its main shortcomings, but as might be expected, the Colombian’s stubbornness meant that he did not abandon his style, he defended it in front of everyone and did not abandon it. never about it, this is the way writers should adopt by sticking to their qualities as the distinguishing feature can become a source of distinction for the writer and even lead them to success.

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daily writing

Gabriel García Márquez recommended writing daily, in fact, he did it himself for many years as he said: It was a practice that helped him develop his skills. Doing this practice helped him learn to observe the world carefully. It connected him to people and taught him how to spot the everyday emotions that surround society in the moment they go about their daily lives.