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3 أزمات حادة ضربت "فيسبوك" في يوم "الانهيار الكبير"

3 severe crises hit “Facebook” on the day of the “great crash”

03:55 AM

Tuesday 05 October 2021

On Monday, Facebook faced 3 severe crises, the most severe of which was an interruption – the first of its kind – that lasted 7 continuous hours for the platforms “Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp”, for the social media giant to lose more than 5% of the value of its stock on the stock exchange, in the worst drop in a year .

Francis Hogan leak crisis

In an interview with the “60 Minutes” program on the American channel “CBS”, Frances Hogan, a former employee at Facebook, revealed her identity for the first time, and that she was the owner of leaking a number of confidential documents about the company to the Wall Street Journal, which published it as part of an investigation. Multi-part, it shows that Facebook was aware of the problems with its apps, including the negative effects of misinformation and the harm Instagram is causing especially to young girls.

Hogan joined Facebook two years ago as a product manager to protect the US election from attempts to interfere through social networks, but she left her position last May, due to her anger at the company’s policies towards serious damage to its services, according to her allegations.

About a month ago, Hogan filed at least eight complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that Facebook was hiding research on its shortcomings from investors and the public.

In her interview on CBS, Hogan said that Facebook prioritizes profit at the expense of the public good, and that it “prematurely discontinued safeguards designed to thwart misinformation and create chaos, after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump last year,” claiming that “Facebook dissolved the unit the civic integrity in which she was working,” which contributed to the riots at the Capitol on January 6.

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According to Hogan, there are algorithms that control what appears in users’ news feed, including hateful content, which was fed by the new algorithms, while the company did not take the required measures to curb it, a content that increases user interaction, and thus increases the company’s revenue, according to allegations. Hogan.

“Nobody on Facebook is malicious, but the incentives are skewed. Facebook makes more money when you consume more content.” “People enjoy interacting with things that elicit an emotional response,” Hogan said in her televised interview. “The more anger they experience, the more content they interact with.”

The White House opens fire

This was responded to by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who said, according to what was quoted by “CNN”: “The White House views these leaks as the latest in a series on the social media platform that shows that “self-regulation does not work.”

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Psaki added that President Joe Biden has “for a long time” believed that self-regulation by social media giants was not working.

Psaki continued, saying that the leaks validate the “significant concern the president and lawmakers from both parties have expressed about how the social media giants operate and the power they have amassed.” She emphasized that the Biden administration continues to support fundamental reforms to address these issues.

The “big collapse” of Facebook’s services

Meanwhile, a major outage hit on Monday evening, the platforms “Facebook”, “Messenger”, “WhatsApp” and “Instagram” for social networking, which resulted in the suspension of its work on a global scale for nearly 7 continuous hours.

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And the American newspaper “New York Times” – during the outage – reported that “Facebook” said that it is unlikely that the malfunction that affected its platforms was due to electronic attacks.

More than 125,000 Facebook users have reported problems accessing the app since 11:54 a.m. in New York, according to Downdetector. At least 98,000 people have reported having problems with the Instagram app, while 35,000 people have reported problems with the app. What’s Up.

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And Tuesday, after 7 hours of interruption, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the return of his company’s services to work again, and apologized for the interruption. We know how much you depend on our services to keep in touch with the people you care about.”

And this affected the personal fortune of Zuckerberg, who lost about $ 7 billion in a few hours. Zuckerberg’s fortune fell to $120.9 billion, falling after Bill Gates to fifth place in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He has lost about $19 billion of his fortune since September 13, when his fortune was close to $140 billion, according to the index.

As a result of the selling, the social media giant’s stock fell about 5% on Monday, after falling by about 15% since mid-September.

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