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3 عادات بسيطة تقلل احتمالية إصابتك بالخرف

3 Simple Habits to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

06:01 AM

06 August 2022 Saturday


The risk of developing dementia increases with age, prompting the belief that it is a foregone conclusion. However, dementia is not a normal part of aging.

And a recent study suggests there are already proven ways to reduce the risk of dementia, even for those who are genetically at risk.

In a collaborative study published in Neurology based on the UK Biobank project, researcher Professor Hwan Song and colleagues analyzed data from 501,376 participants aged 40 to 69, none of whom had dementia during the study’s sample period of 2006 to 2010. During the annual study period, 5,185 participants developed dementia.

3 factors that reduce the risk of dementia

1. Frequent physical activity: Associated with a 35% lower risk of dementia.

2. Doing housework is associated with a 21% risk of dementia.

3. Social visits with friends/family: associated with a 15% lower risk of dementia.

“The results indicate that exercise, housework and social visits are associated with the risk of developing different types of dementia,” Chang said in a news release.

The study’s results are encouraging, suggesting that simple lifestyle changes, including regular exercise, household chores and an active social life, can help reduce your risk of developing dementia as you age.

More research is needed to confirm this year’s latest findings about the role that physical activity, housework and social visits play in reducing dementia risk.

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