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3 tricks to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing

Tell me – Some people want to read WhatsApp messages secretly without the sender’s knowledge so that they do not have to respond to them, or to give themselves enough time to choose the appropriate response.

Whatever the reason, there are some methods and tricks that allow you to read WhatsApp messages without letting the sender know that you have read them.

One way to do this is to hold down on the message when it pops up on your iPhone’s locked screen. The feature, known as “super stealth mode,” opens a full-text preview box as long as you rest your finger on the screen. The sender will not know that their message has been read.

Another way is to turn off Read Receipts. WhatsApp automatically turns this feature on for its 2 billion users. This means that users can tell when their message has been read when the two small checkmarks in the bottom right of the message turn blue. To disable this feature, open Settings in WhatsApp. Click on Account > Privacy > Read Receipts > then turn this feature off.

However, there is one minor problem, as this feature does not work with messages, photos, or videos shared in group chats. Likewise, when someone sends a voice message, you cannot avoid blue ticks even if you disable the read receipts option.

The third method is to turn on Airplane Mode on the iPhone after receiving a message. Airplane mode cuts off the smartphone’s access to 4G networks and Wi-Fi, which means that WhatsApp will not record that the message has been read, according to the British newspaper The Sun.

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