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3 victories for our team in the World Muaythai Championships

3 victories for our team in the World Muaythai Championships

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Our muay thai team continued its victories in the world championship hosted by Abu Dhabi in the fairgrounds, and our players achieved 3 new victories on the fourth day, in the presence of Abdullah Saeed Al Neyadi, Vice President of the Asian Confederation, President of the Arab Muay Thai Federation, President of the Emirates Federation, and Tariq Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Federation, Secretary General of the Arab Federation, Member The Executive Office of the International Federation Tournament Director.
Our player, Muhammad Jafla, beat Palestinian Laith Shaker with points to qualify for the semi-finals. In the second match, our under-23 team player, Muhammad Mardi, succeeded in qualifying for the second stage, with a deserved knockout victory over the Peruvian national team champion Luis Philippe, and he had two matches left to reach gold weight, and he also won Our player, Ahmed Abdelaziz Ali, is a hero of Lithuania, Murtabas, to qualify for the second round.
As a result of today, the Muay Thai team’s victories continued in the 2022 World Championship, which was opened by our international champion Elias Habib, by defeating the African champion from Mauritius, Vijay Agathe, after 3 strong rounds that the audience enjoyed. 67 kg, and Mohamed Adel defeated Mauritius champion Emerk Lebon in the under 54 kg weight category.
The third day witnessed the historic victory of our player Zainab Bu Hamda over the Indian Diba Rajak by a quick technical knockout in the weight of under 60 kg, where the women’s matches enjoyed great support from the audience with the participation of traditional Muay Thai music, and our player Ayoub Al-Makki won over the Vietnamese Phuc Long, followed by The player Ibrahim Bilal, with his exciting and difficult victory over the Egyptian Saif Allah Kandil in the weight of under 63.5 kg, our player also won at the end of last night, Mohamed Twizi.
On the other hand, Tariq Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Federation, Secretary-General of the Arab Federation, Member of the Executive Office of the International Federation and Tournament Director, witnessed the conclusion of the advanced Muay Thai trainers course that was held on the sidelines of the World Championships at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), in which Dr. Sakshi Tepswan, President of the Federation, lectured. International Muay Thai is about a game that seeks a culture of peace away from race, nationality and social norms.
The course was organized by the International Federation in cooperation with the Emirates Federation in the framework of preparations for the first participation in the upcoming Olympic Games after recognizing the Federation and the importance of martial arts games with the aim of improving training and developments in the game in line with the boom in the game, which was reflected in the large participation during the activities of the Abu Dhabi Championship 2022, and the theoretical lectures varied. Among the structure of sports, physiology and sports psychology, nutrition, ethics, injury prevention, protection, and education against doping was followed by the first technical workshop with the Chairman of the Cultural Committee Mr. Ajahn Kao who emphasized the importance of continuing education.

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