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3000 spectators raise the Egyptian flag to celebrate June 30th at the Opera

3000 spectators raise the Egyptian flag to celebrate June 30th at the Opera

Egyptian patriots for talent development arouse the enthusiasm of the opera audience in the celebration of the anniversary of June 30

The Egyptian Opera House, headed by Dr. Magdy Saber, opened its doors free of charge to the public, as 3000 spectators gathered inFountain Theater We raise the flags of Egypt to celebrate the anniversary of the June 30 revolution, under the auspices of the artist, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture.

Amidst enthusiastic feelings, a children’s and youth choir sings at the Talent Development Center led by Maestro Dr. Mohamed Abdel Sattar and with an artistic vision and directed by the artist Abdel Wahab El-Sayed, with Egyptian patriotism that elicited an emotion of pride and pride. In addition to the books of Egypt that are in my mind, my love is from her braids, you see the beginning and the end of the Arabesque series, the sequence of the family series, Oh, oh, this time, stronger than time, on the roundabout, the Egyptians are more important, O Bride of the Nile, the factories of men, the poetry of the forgotten martyr, the son of the martyr Glory be to peace, my love, Egypt, the gate of Al-Halawani, God bless the future, Egypt, my dearest beloved, Egypt, your golden sun has returned, rest in me, my bride, if Egypt said yes, long live Egypt and the national anthem.. Performed by Rahma Dhahi, Ahmed Magdy, Maryam Hanafi, Ahmad Al-Husseini, Esraa Essam, Mahdi Muhammad, Marwan, Mahmoud Al-Batran. Giovanni, Hajar Saeed, Malak Saeed, Shams Al-Aswany, Mazen Alwan, Adham Al-Gohary, Mustafa Nasser, Farouk Muhammad, Ahmed Mahmoud, Clara Samuel, Lujain Tamer, Muhammad Yousry, Rahma Essam, Sandra Hisham, Ziyad, Malak Ahmed, Reem Osama, Maryam Magdy, Ghada Sayed, Mustafa Nasser, Youssef Al-Rawi.

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In the same context, a free concert was held on the Damanhour Opera Theater, which was performed by a choir class with special abilities, led and trained by Mervat Hammam, and included selections from the most famous ancient and contemporary revolutionary lyrical works.