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34 earthquakes in 24 hours…earthquakes besieged an Arab country heavily on the first days of Ramadan

The National Seismological Center in Syria revealed a large number of earthquakes that affected all regions within the Arab country in the past few hours, after the devastating earthquakes that struck its corridors and caused thousands of deaths.

34 earthquakes in several hours

The National Seismological Center in Syria said that the number of earthquakes from yesterday until this morning reached 34, but it is less than the devastating wave that hit the country during the past few weeks, as its intensity ranges, according to what was monitored, from weak to moderate.

34 earthquakes in how many hours..Earthquakes besiege an Arab country severely, from weak to moderate

And according to what was reported by the Syrian News Agency “SANA”, the center announced that 4 tremors were recorded in Lattakia, according to what was reported by the stations of the National Seismic Monitoring Network in the northern regions of the province at 58 kilometers, and another in the northwest of the province at 45 kilometers, and one in the sea. The Mediterranean is 50 km northwest of Latakia, and the latter is 33 km southwest of Latakia.

earthquake intensity

While the Syrian News Agency “SANA” confirmed that the center recorded a strong earthquake 46 kilometers south of Idlib, and the stations in Iskenderun recorded 12 earthquakes, 16 earthquakes in central and western Turkey, and an earthquake 151 kilometers north-east of Mosul. It ranged on the Richter scale, between 1.4 and 4.9 degrees, at different depths of up to 67.5 kilometers.

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