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4.3 million people in the UK hack Wi-Fi networks

4.3 million people in the UK hack Wi-Fi networks

A new report reveals that 4.3 million people in the UK have “hacked” their neighbors’ WiFi.

Connect, a Paris-based satellite broadband provider, has surveyed 2,000 UK residents about how far they have come in trying to stay in touch.

It said the average time for offenders to use the Internet in neighboring countries without permission was 52 days, even if one in 20 people had been logged in for more than a year.

He added that the British were hacking into their neighbors’ Wi-Fi without permission even when their internet was down or sometimes the internet was operating in an attempt to avoid paying.

WiFi Hack

Connect found that hacking a neighbor’s communications was not the UK’s only way. Website.

“By 2022, most people expect to have a reliable Internet connection, but this research shows that this may not be the case for millions of households across the UK,” said James Swims, Connect’s global marketing director.

The newspaper stressed that the internet connection plays an important role in the ability of people to continue their lives and some serious steps are being taken to get online.

“The good news is that with broadband via satellite, you can get an Internet connection even where there are no wires or networks,” Swims said.

Of the 4.3 million people who hacked nearby Wi-Fi, 1.6 million had passwords after obtaining permission on a previous occasion, but 2.7 million hacked their way through password guessing, with 33 percent hacking them within half an hour with very simple combinations. .

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