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4 factors confirm that “El Clasico” is always the strongest in football

4 factors confirm that “El Clasico” is always the strongest in football

Football fans around the world will be on a date with a high-caliber summit between the Barcelona and Real Madrid teams on the “Spotify Camp Nou” stadium, on Sunday evening, in the El Clasico, “the great land, which always remains the strongest in football, no matter how the stars and conditions change, and there are 4 factors that confirm this.

High viewership

The “El Clasico” confrontation gets a very high view rate with every new match that brings together Barcelona and Real Madrid, even if the confrontation is marginal and without competition for the title. And the Spanish newspaper “AS” revealed, in a special report after the second leg Clasico in 2022, that the viewership of El Clasico globally reaches about 700 million viewers every year, which is the highest rate of watching a match in a league tournament, except for the World Cup final and the Champions League final. . And given the great competition in the 2022-2023 season, viewership is expected to be no less than 700 million for Sunday’s Clasico.

Social media craze

The “El Clasico” summit captures all football fans, and it is not limited to Spanish football fans only, as all social media pioneers, of all kinds, talk about the confrontation before, during and after the match, to a large extent. The “El Clasico” tweets always top Twitter for hours before, during and after the match, and “Facebook” witnesses enthusiastic football discussions about the confrontation, and followers publish special posts about the match in all its details. Social media witnesses a great craze for El Clasico every year, especially if its result is distinguished and its events are crazy and exciting.

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Huge media attention

In 2022, the newspaper “Marca” published a report on the strength of the “El Clasico” match in football, noting that the number of countries that obtained the rights to transfer the match reached 180 countries, meaning that more than three quarters of the countries in the world broadcast the big match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. . These numbers confirm the huge media interest in this confrontation, especially with the increase in the number of fans of the two teams during the past years around the world.

Legacy of historical success

The great interest in facing El Clasico is linked to the historical success inherited for years and years, whether it was the inclusion of Barcelona and Real Madrid, the greatest players over the years, or the Ronaldo and Messi duo that lasted for very long years and made this match more important due to the presence of these two great stars, and the competition between them at the local and European levels Making their matches the greatest in football and the most followed. This is in addition to what was witnessed and witnessed by the matches that bring the two teams together, in terms of altercations, quarrels and battles on the field, and the madness of players, fans and coaches, and all of this makes El Clasico the greatest in football always.