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Forget about that signature hairdo, or the slick of red lipstick, in 2021, the ultimate beauty calling card is your eyebrows.

Whether you want your eyebrow arches to be so sharp you wouldn’t want to take them on a flight, or you’d like an unfussy, boyish eyebrow, there are no other ways around it. Your eyebrows will enhance or break your look.

The easiest way to get a complete makeover is by eyebrow transformation. An eyebrow growth serum can do it right for you!

The right eyebrow shade and shape can make you look like you’ve had more sleep, make your face more contoured, and even make your eyes look bigger.

Of course, if you have never gone beyond plucking a few odd hairs, sitting yourself down in a chair with total stranger brandishing hot wax over you could be the kind of stuff your nightmares are made of – especially if eyebrow waxing reminds you of the pencil thin eyebrow lines of the 90s.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a pair of well-groomed, natural eyebrows, but no one wants to leave the brow salon looking permanently surprised.

So, if you are slightly confused by the range of eyebrow grooming options available today (Waxing? Tweezing? Tinting? Threading? What’s all the fuss about?), or perhaps you are just nervous about having your eyebrows groomed professionally for the first time. You can rest assured that our grooming tips and tricks will have you feeling much more comfortable and confident of what you have to do to grow longer eyebrows naturally.

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Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the right eyebrow service for you;

Eyebrow Mapping.

No, you do not require a compass or a map, and the final destination is perfect eyebrows.

Eyebrow mapping is a technique used by make-up experts to determine the best eyebrow shape for your face. It is done to ensure that your eyebrow hairs start, arch and end at the ideal points to best enhance your facial features.

Pro tip; always sit up during your eyebrow mapping instead of lying down; this is because lying down horizontally will pull the skin on your face back ever so slightly, resulting in your eyebrow arch being in the wrong position.

Always sit comfortably to allow the experts to work with more precision as they try to determine the ideal shape for your face.

Most make-up experts recommend eyebrow mapping for your eyebrow. You can think of this procedure as a way of laying your eyebrow blueprint. From there, one can wax, shape and tint away, knowing that you have the best foundations possible.


If you have ever had any degree of success with waxing your legs, then you know about that smooth and satisfying feeling waxing gives you.

Waxing is a better grooming option because, unlike threading which sometimes snaps your eyebrow hair strands, waxing pulls the eyebrow hairs out entirely from their roots; this ensures that you are not left having those tiny black hair dots which threading can do, and also makes your treatment more effective with longer-lasting results.

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Very few women can resist the urge to grab a pair of tweezers and pluck away at a few errant eyebrow hairs.

The allure of tweezing some pesky stray hairs that pop up in large numbers seemingly overnight is very compelling for most women.

This shaping process is less painful and quicker than waxing, but there are situations where we sometimes do tweezing disservice instead.

Proper tweezing is carried out with care and precision. The lighting conditions under which we tweeze must be mild. Intense, bright lights will only encourage you to over-tweeze.


Today’s beauty industry offers customers an eye-popping variety of eyebrow growth products to make a selection.

Nourishbrow Eyebrow Growth Serum is the best eyebrow growth serum in the country. No doubt because it can deliver the best eyebrow growth you have ever experienced. This eyebrow booster is designed to transform the appearance of, thin, over-plucked or ageing eyebrow hairs. It is also safe and comfortable to use.