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“47 billion euros” .. Brexit bill raises a new crisis between Britain and the EU

“47 billion euros” .. Brexit bill raises a new crisis between Britain and the EU


Brussels and London have been locked in a new line beyond the size of the Brexit bill, after Britain was forced to pay $ 47.5 billion ($ 40.8 billion) as part of a post-Brexit arrangement.

The British Financial Times newspaper said on Thursday evening that the British Treasury had insisted on 35 35 to ில்லியன் 39 billion within the previous central border, indicating that an updated report on the matter would be released next week.

The ministry explained that the EU document “is an accounting estimate and does not accurately reflect the actual number of payments” because the union plans to submit half-yearly reports to the UK. Determined on a monthly basis.

Britain’s financial obligations ended in late December, during periods of change when the UK was a member of the European Union, and following its exit from the EU.

According to the newspaper, the amount was announced in the EU’s annual accounts for 2020, which were released by the European Commission at the end of last month.

Agreeing on Britain’s exit from the EU was one of the first and most difficult parts of the negotiations between London and Brussels, following the 2016 referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU.

Various ratings

Both sides agreed to a withdrawal agreement, but any increase in the planned bill would irritate conservative EU suspects because the amount in EU accounts would be paid for years, which would override previous UK estimates.

The House of Commons library article on the Brexit bill said it was “not the final cost of the settlement,” but the UK Office’s Budget Responsibility Office, the UK’s financial watchdog, said the net cost could be as high as $ 34 billion.

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The study, released last December, showed that UK payments to the EU budget would fall from $ 9 billion a year in 2020 to about $ 1 billion in 2025.

Under the final agreement, the UK paid the EU budget as a member state until the end of the Brexit transition period on January 1, 2021, while the UK received funding from EU programs.

The total liabilities are related to the UK’s share of the EU’s spending obligations until the end of December, which will be repaid in subsequent years.

It also reflects the UK’s role in the obligations associated with the EU’s role as an employer, referred to in health insurance for pensioners and retired employees. Among the compensation factors, UK competition fines are levied in cases decided by the end of last year.