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5+1 EKOtipů ke Světovému dni životního prostředí

5 + 1 Environmental Tips for World Environment Day

5 + 1 Environmental Tips for World Environment Day

On June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated under the auspices of the General Assembly OSN Since 1972 and from the point of view of environmental protection and restoration, this holiday is considered one of the most important events of the year. The purpose of the event is to raise public awareness of environmental issues and to draw attention to the fundamental environmental challenges of the present time, which are unfortunately increasing… However, each of us can address environmental issues. problems to help, here are some tips on how to do it…

Do not create unnecessary waste

Every year, millions of tons of things that become unnecessary for a person end up in landfills and incinerators. In many cases, unnecessarily. They can still serve someone else, or at least find an opportunity for a new life through recycling. This is a nice idea, but you don’t know how to do it? Quite simply, if you want to get rid of anything (when it should be…), consult the Where to Go With It app. It has more than 80,000 places where you can fix, donate and use things, recycled. , Briefly Will really advise everyone. intentionally…

Shared cars

It is organic. By sharing cars, you will help reduce the number of cars on the streets and improve the urban environment. If you have a car that stands forever, just give it to others. You can earn extra money and help others get where they need to go. And vice versa – service HoppyGo Offers accessible vehicles closely to those who do not own a car or need for some reason other than their own. For example, a truck for transporting an old wardrobe, a convertible wagon for a romantic trip under the summer sky or a caravan for a family vacation with a group of children and luggage. Choose a car for any occasion.. and where are you going?

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Camp without a place to camp

For example, for an extended weekend getaway, or a romantic getaway…run away from people. from the city. from the stereotype. From crowded camps. to the wild. in isolation. Use of the service See the location you want to travel to and here you can choose from a list of land you can “camp” on with the consent of the owners. As with the regular Booking Services, you can book this place for your stay, pay online and you can go.

Put your hand to work

Could a “wildness” in a white house or a black landfill on the road set you on fire? You are not alone, every year tens of thousands of volunteers clean up the trash at a well-known event. Let’s clean up the Czechs. However, anyone can contribute to the cleanliness of public places, you just need an ordinary garbage bag and you can collect it at any time, on the way to work, on a walk with a dog or on a vacation trip. Did you manage to collect a whole bag (usually wouldn’t be a problem unfortunately…)? To find out, brag about your work And as a bonus you can win a voucher to buy in an organic online store green land.

Weekend garden open

Get inspired on how to grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables. You have a perfect opportunity next weekend, June 12-13. The tradition of the annual weekend opening of normally inaccessible gardens originated in 1998 in Britain and gradually became a popular event throughout Europe.
visit for example School farm in Otis village near Prague. Walking along the fields from Svicetice railway station is only 15 minutes for us, by bike you can just stop the Kolovraty – Mnichovice bike path, or parking is possible on site. You will find out what and how we grow, what animals we take care of, and above all – what opportunities the farm provides for lessons or outdoor recreation. We’re making a baby search engine, picnic blankets, and mint lemonade for everyone. We’ll ask for the weather.”, says Head of Educational Programs Markéta Strouhalová. You can find more than a hundred other open gardens on the web

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And another tip: Do not forget Plant a tree!

I already know where to go with him!

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