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5 Immunity-Boosting Foods - Sputnik English

5 Immunity-Boosting Foods – Sputnik English


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In an interview with “Moscow 24” TV channel, Alexander Miroshnikov, a Russian nutritionist, spoke about the five most useful products for the immune system.

first of all, The expert drew attention to products containing vitamin CIt is involved in the production of interferon and immune cells. Black currants are considered the best summer food, as 100 grams of these grapes contain 22 percent of the daily value of the vitamin.

To strengthen the immune system, vitamin A in basil is also needed. This vitamin is also involved in the formation of immune cells. Miroshnikov recommended eating three to four sprigs of basil daily. He advised eating lettuce, which contains vitamin B, which helps in resisting stress.

In addition, the doctor talked about the importance of dill. Herbicides have antimicrobial properties. Do not forget about shrimp, which is rich in protein, which contributes to the formation of immune bodies. The doctor suggested boiling it with dried dill to enhance the beneficial properties.

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