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5 new smart solutions in the cabin of the Skoda Fabia

5 new smart solutions in the cabin of the Skoda Fabia

Front window scraper located in the tank hood or driver’s door awning compartment. These are classic Simply Clever items that Škoda owners are accustomed to. In addition, the new Fabia received five new accessories.

We can be the first to mention, for example Flexible foldable cabin In the luggage compartment, which Skoda provides upon request. If necessary, customers can insert something inside, which will not “travel” around the bag.

It has more flexibility to bring into the cabin Removable drink holder It is located behind the center console. Then there is a new one in the dashboard storage box Card or pencil holder.

Complete modernity inside storage box Between the center console and the rear row of seats, which are used for small things. The last improvement is removable and foldable sun visor For a panoramic roof that can be stowed under the boot lid if necessary.

The dramatic sweeping sunroof automatically darkens when the sun shines, and can be dimmed even further thanks to the handy visor from the attachments.

Photo: Škoda Auto

In addition, Skoda has put 8 more Simply Clever elements in the new Fabia, which we can learn from other models, most of them above the Mladá Boleslav brand. For example, the Fabia has pockets for cell phones in the back of the front seats, like the electric Enyaq or the USB-C connector in the rearview mirror used to connect the on-board camera.