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5 solutions .. How do users of social networking sites deal with the failure of their applications?

5 solutions .. How do users of social networking sites deal with the failure of their applications?

The malfunction that afflicted social networking sites and applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter in large areas of the world raised many questions from users, such as whether they should rely permanently and alone on these sites? Or should they have other alternatives if this failure occurs again?

In a report by Sky News Arabia, alternatives were presented that could be used to communicate in the event that these alternatives were repeated, and the report presented the advantages of each application separately.

Viber application: It is already used by millions and is one of the most popular applications in the Arab world after WhatsApp. The application provides a comprehensive space for user privacy, and prevents data collection, as is the case in Facebook applications, which makes the user feel safe.

Telegram application: The application is considered one of the most secure messaging applications with regard to information and conversations, which has raised the number of its users to 500 million users so far. This malfunction is expected to increase the number of its users; This application offers messaging, voice chats, chat rooms, and large file sharing, which makes it a suitable alternative to WhatsApp.

Signal application: It is distinguished as the first in terms of protecting user privacy, as it is an application that focuses on this feature and prefers it over anything. Surprisingly, the applications of Telegram, Viber and Skype use the Signal protocol for privacy within their internal software.

Snapchat is the most popular app among teens and young adults because it is an ideal alternative to chats and photos.

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Text messages: The easy and traditional solution in case the messaging apps crash as in the case of iPhone messages in the United States and Western countries.